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The quartet will save us and “La Pepa” knows it

We Cordobeses don't run out of dance for anything in the world. That's why “La Pepa” brings us together so we can keep quarantine until quarantine.

La Pepa

 “ La Pepa”  is a landmark in Cordovan history.  Javier Carlos  “La Pepa” Brizuela is  the voice of La Barra and the soul of the quartet . He has thousands of followers across the country, and that's why we're not disappointed:  in full quarantine, a dance is organized . The King's Room, Centro Stadium, Sergeant Cabral and all quartet temples are closed since March 12. And we , the Cordobeses , our feet dance alone.  We can't stand the desire to  throw a few steps and hear  a few  quartrazos . 

 “ La Pepa” is like the genius of the lamp : it gives us desire. This star adapts to the circumstances and organizes a dance in your house.  In front of the sea , and just like that: with what qui haiga . Arrange her barbecue, asks her partner Gabriela for help  and give her what she goes . Little by little, the Brizuela quinchito is becoming  the ideal box.  “ La Pepa” went from being a  star quartet ca ntante to first-class instagrammer   .

The first live was just with a simple speaker. Now, little by little, there are  lights, vip and more. #PepaHouse  is the label of the moment. Thus,  more than 20,000 people  met virtually, with the sound of a voice. And in unison we sang, screaming and as we can, the choirs of “La Pepa”  from our house . The artist does not skimp: his livings last about  2 hours , in which he sings some classics and other temazos that make our heart happy. In this  quarantine ,  2 hours of quartet are the best vaccine against depression.  So “La Pepa” strengthens our immune system at pure pace and enjoyment.

 The barabaleros 

 Barabaleros  go crazy. That's what the followers of  La Barra  and “La Pepa” are called. The idea of the singer is to abstract everyone from world chaos. And if the world goes on fire, let him find us  dancing quartet with a smile . This artist does it from the heart, with the love he has for his followers. Interaction is a little different than in dances, but  virtuality does not take away fun and affection . “La Pepa” says that, after each show, he looks at how it came out and starts to read the comments of his fans. Other artists are encouraged and continue with the proposal of  live  quartetero. Damián Córdoba, for example, also does his shows  through the networks .

That's  the way we Cordobeses are.  We don't miss the opportunity to caravan or for extreme issues, and our idols know it. They don't leave us in band or quarantine. They keep quitting with us,  making him cool and cheering up every situation. 

Thank you, Pepa! Thank you, quartet!

Publication Date: 21/04/2020

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By: Angeles 14 May, 2020

Le agradezco enormemente a La pepa brizuela y a su familia para alegrarnos los sabados con su musica.... Yo soy barrabalera y me abri una cuenta de instagram para ver sus live cada sabado...

By: Adriana Jones 14 May, 2020

En respuesta a

Agradecida de poder disfrutar de cada show que realiza, el One ídolo. La Pepa Brizuela, desde su hogar y rodeado de su familia , su esposa lo más La Gaby y sus hijos Lautaro y Alejo colaborando para que todo salga bien ,gracias infinitas ,es parte de la historia en estos 30 años con la música y 25 de ellos con la banda más grande de Córdoba.La.Barra , gracias por tanto y que pronto podamos volver a reencontrarnos en un show personalmente, más allá que cada sábado nos hacen sentir que estamos todos juntos!!! Gracias!!!!

By: Bianca Ruggia 18 May, 2020

En respuesta a

¡Gracias, Adriana! Por leernos y por contarnos tu experiencia. Siempre es un placer disfrutar los shows de este gran artista cordobés. ¡Arriba el cuarteto, arriba La Barra!

By: Bianca Ruggia 18 May, 2020

En respuesta a

Angeles, ¡gracias por leernos! Los barrabaleros y argentinos, siempre unidos por La Pepa... Por suerte podemos seguir disfrutando de sus shows.

By: Daniela 14 May, 2020

Los 2 primeros me los perdí pero cuando me entere mis sábados a la noche son de cuarteto y fenret justo a La Pepa. Un grande con todas las letras. Y de fondo se la escucha a Gaby y su hijo. Pasando Saludos y comebtandole como va el vivo. Cuando nos dice " el que no aplaude Se se va.. .. aparecen en la pantalla todos los seguidores poniendo aplausos . La verdad uno espera el sábado. Para volver al baile. Gracias Pepa y flia.

By: Bianca Ruggia 18 May, 2020

En respuesta a

Gracias a vos, Daniela, por leernos. ¡Aplausos para todos los barrabaleros y para La Pepa! Seguimos conectados y cuarteteando, a pesar de todo...

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