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The quartet: even hands giving a hand

Cordoba and his quatrateazos come into crisis, but we all give us a hand. The Pimp helps while La Pepa musicalizes and tells us what he thinks.


  The workers of the quartet   They're having a real bad time in this quarantine. Their virtual shows and the love of the public continues to save them, but in a matter of economy they are ever seen   tighter   . The Cordovan reality is very hard and the area of music is one of the most affected. Dances are prohibited, self-managing bands begin to disintegrate and some famous singers   fire their musicians   , as is the case with La Mona Jimenez.

They're already going   more than two months without dances   . We Cordobeses are desperate to dance a quarteazzo and take a pritado. Our favorite bands and singers give us a hand and   do the findes accompany us   to cheer us up a little. The topic is   who encourages them.   Because they're the most desperate ones. The show business workers quartetero meet   homeless and without salaries.   The dances, which were performed every weekend religiously, are gone. And these events are, for most,   the only source of income.  

  What La Pepa says  

La Pepa Brizuela tells the media that, despite the fact that the public believes that they are rich for their fame, everyday life becomes impossible. The leader of La Barra, who performs his dances all quarantine findes under the hashtag #LaPepaHouse, shows a   hard reality   . “The picture is complicated for the quartet. Out there people think we're millionaires, but they don't understand that there is no money, there is no cash, there are no tickets,” says the beloved singer.

  With one hand in the heart  

However, in a daunting context, the Cordobeses   we continue to breathe   to make this happen and not so hard. With memes, love and videos to our quartet idols, we try to hold on. Support is mutual. El Chulo, for example, one of the youngest voices of the Cordovan quartet of imminent success, decided   donate your savings to your colleagues.   Together with Facu Gutiérrez they give a hand to all the music workers. Donations were distributed in the Sala del Rey,   the quartetero temple   . The money that the singer had saved was to be able to boost his career as a musician, however, he does not regret. The decision was made and   decided to help his friends in the quartet world in this desperate context.   Musicians, technicians and producers received food bags according to their ID numbers.   Because, in Cordoba, we go through the pandemic with love, or nothing.  

Publication Date: 11/06/2020

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