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New themes, old themes, but always with the same unmistakable style that highlighted them and distinguished during these 43 years of life, Los Palmeras.


Back in 1972 six musicians gathered in the city of   Santa Fe  , capital of the province of the same name in the Argentine Republic, to form a music ensemble tropical. Who would be their vocalist used the pseudonym of “YULI PALMERAS” in another ensemble, then they decided together to call it “SEXTETO PALMERAS” with the voice of “YULI”.

On December 9 of the same year he joined the  MARCOS MAXIMO CAMINO  group to replace  Osvaldo Zabala  , to perform the accordion on piano, after a while he took over the direction and became called “  GRUPO PALMERAS  ”. The curious thing was that the public affectionately christened them as " Los Palmeras “, this name they retain over thirty years of uninterrupted trajectory.

In 1976 a friend,  MARTIN ROBUSTIANO GUTIERREZ “CHANI “, owner of a record store, offered them the possibility to record their first album; and on September 16 in the studios “Ión” fulfilled their most precious dream, stamping their musical style on the record label for label “MRG”, participated in that first experience,  Czeslav Popowicz  (Yuli) in voice,  Raúl Alberto Gomez  in bass,  Gilberto Donnet  in timbales,  Carlos Zalazar  in Tumbadoras,  Marcos Camino  in accordion and as a guest musician  Juan Carlos Denis  on guitar, in December this material was launched on the market under the title "LOS PALMERAS  " and was willingly accepted by the public, which thus met the expectations of the record producer. The following year at the RCA Victor studios, they recorded their second L.P. " TE REGALARE MY VIDA " with greater success than before and superior technical richness.

In 1978 there was an event that would stand out for its implication, as the most important decision in the career of "LS PALMERAS “, his vocalist" YULI "decided to separate from the group and had to look for a voice that would identify with the group and that also had the acceptance of his followers, which cost a lot in the early days, the chosen one was  RUBEN HECTOR DEICAS. 

An excellent vocalist, endowed with a spectacular voice timbre, who at that time sang melodic in the santafecino group " Los Buffaloos “, with time and quality he earned the affection of the audience.

His first record work with " Los Palmeras " was called "MORENITA CUMBIAMBERA " then came " STOP DE PRIDE “,” NONE STAY SIN BANAR “, etc. until he reached the first record in a record company (Microfon Argentina), which allowed them, in addition to performing throughout the country, to spread their music throughout Argentina and neighbouring countries, with the recording of the L.P. " CUMBIA Y LUNA " came the first GOLD DISCO , due to sales obtained.

There were also consecutive  GOLD DISCS  : "  FIESTA IN LA SELVA  “,"  PASTER  “,"  CORAZON NO ME ASQUESTES  “,"  CALIDA EXPRESSION  "and"  LOQUITO POR TI  "all in Microfon Argentina, then in in 1993 after four years in Sony Music, they signed a contract with “BMG Ariola S.A” that links them until 1996, there they win a GOLD DISC for their work " YESDAY TODAY AND ALWAYS “, under license of" BMG "they record a compilation on the label”Magenta” " TROPIPBILE SANTAFECINO " and win another GOLD DISC ; in 1997 they are commercially linked to the label “Leader Music” to which they currently belong, there they re-emerge with successful works, which make them worthy of two GOLD DISCS  ; " A DIFFERENT TOUCH  “," THE ORIGINAL SOUND  “," VOLO LA PALOM  A” and " IRREPLACE  S”, also get PLATINUM DISC  for their work " VOLO LA PALOMA  ”.

In 1999 and 2000 they won the prize " CLAVE DE SOL " as the best group in the interior of the country, among the most prominent artists of the tropical genre in the Argentine Republic.

Today, owners of a musical style defined over three decades, are loved and respected by themselves and strangers, have performed in all national and zonal holidays that can be imagined, shared stage with the greatest international artists and have demonstrated throughout their history that they are part of the national folk folklore and worthy representatives of their beloved  Santa Fe .

Already in 2001 they recorded their work “ Cuando el amor se dama ” for Leader Music label, highlighting in the same hits as “ La chica de rojo ”, “ Avisame ”, “ Fever de la noche ” among others. For 2002 coinciding with their thirty years of career, they specially prepared the CD “ Thirty Years ” having as guest artists  Soledad Pastorutti  ” La Sole ” singing with them the remembered success “Luna Lunera” and Octavio Acosta Arias, first voice of the famous “Quartet Imperial”, who came to Argentina in 1963 bringing a new style of music that stood out for its rhythm and melodies.

Then they signed a contract with SFR Discos company that until today counts them among their artists and with which they recorded five very successful CDs. The first one was “ Asi es la Vida ” with themes such as the one that gives the title and others such as “ Soy un titer e”, “Esa Pareja ”, “Between the sword and the wall”, “29/4/2003” success which refers to the tremendous flood that hit the Santaffecino people.

Then came the big hit “ El Bombon” on the CD “ Un Sentimiento”, accompanied by other hits such as “Ahora  quien ”, “ Asi es que vivo yo ”, “ La bestia pop ” (an icon of national rock) of the “ Roundditos de Ricota ” adapted to the tropical style), “ Give me a kiss ”, “ Storm de Verano ”, etc. In 2005 the album number 37 under the title “ Te va a gustar ” where among others were included “ Double Life ” in homage to the late friend “ Koli Arce ” leader of the “ Imperial Quintet ” and “ Yerba Mala ” to “ Rodrigo ” the Cordoba who shine with his style and sympathy throughout the Argentinian musical spectrum.

On March 11, 2006, a live album titled “ La Fiesta en Vivo ” was recorded for the first time at the Broadway Theatre in the city of  Rosario , in four full room performances,iacute; you can appreciate the warmth that the public professes them singing and living each of their performances, demonstrating once again the affection they knew how to gain through their long career.

On the 5th of April they receive the “   Carlos Gardel   ” award at the  Gran Rex Theatre  because their CD “  Un Sentimiento  ” was the best tropical music album of the year. In October 2006, the record company SFR decided to record “ El bombon Assassin ” DVD and CD live with almost all the successes of his long career.

Already in 2007 they toured the country with great success and perform in the most outstanding programs of national television. On April 17 they win again the “ Carlos Gardel ” award for the live work “ El Bombon Assassin ”.

Then on June 12 they are awarded the 2007 SADAIC GRAND PRIX “FRANCISCO CANARO” at the Versailles del Palais Rouge in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Between October 4, 5 and 8, they conclude the recording of the 40 album in its long and successful career., this new material is titled “  Un Clásico  ”. It contains 12 tracks recorded entirely in studio, “ Bandolera ”, “ Light music ”, “ Caramel santo ”, “ La canción que no yaras” ”, are some of the themes that pertecate this CD.

New themes, old themes, but always with the same unmistakable style that highlighted them and distinguished during these 43 years of life,  Los Palmeras. 

Los Palmeras - Bonbon Assassin (Inseparable)

Source: Los Palmeras 

Publication Date: 03/02/2019

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