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The most listened to quartets of love

We put together a ranking of the best romantic quatratezos in Cordoba. The most listened and most sensed by sentimental but partying people.


 Since its inception, the quartet had among its most recurring themes love.  Because in addition to  quarteterers, caravans and partiers  we are  romantic and in love.  That's why we put together a  compilation of the best songs to fall in love.  Those that make you want to embrace, that bring you memories of someone special, those that take you to a moment and a place in your life. Or just the ones that make you  sing screaming with pure feeling  at the dance of your favorite artist. These  themes that   make us dance  our hearts were  chosen by the Cordovan people  through an action of  “Cuarteteteando”, the page of quartet.  Here they go, the romantics of yesterday, today and always...

The most voted

1. Ulysses Good

 Among the most voted  was Ulysses Bueno. Undoubtedly for the  Ulysers,  the most loving song in his repertoire is  “Contigo always”.  Others that were voted were:  Eternal passengers, Unfaithful, You took everything, Not telling us anything, Sleeping in your navel, My beloved, Let me try, What will be and bits of you. 

2. Damian Cordoba

Damian Córdoba's most chosen was  “How our love grows”.   A temazo . In addition, it was also voted:  Let's make love, you are, how are you and the love of my life. 

3. Cristian Amato

This artist eventually became  one of the great heroes  of our music. In his time in Trulala, as in La fiesta and in his current stage as a soloist, he made many themes dedicated to love. To highlight, among the most voted by people are:  Lady Lover, Song for Ali, Caprice, With all the love that I can, Just a kiss, Lady, what pain, I love you, I love you. 

While Song for Ali, it is a song that El Loco sings to his son, many of its fans take this song as a  hymn of romantic love. 

4. Carlitos La Mona Jimenez

It is very difficult to choose between Carlitos  La Mona  Jiménez's extensive discography. So we're going with two impeccable themes, of the many that  jimeneros chose.  “ Love is sand in the sea” and “In love.”

5. Alejandro Ceberius

What can we say about love and Alejandro Ceberius. A label in the career of one of the most important voices in  the history of our music . The selected among his best romantic quatratezazos are:  A thousand ways, say goodbye and only with seeing you. 

6. La Barra

This band that, with all its formations, filled us with poetry for all tastes.  We went love, You don't look like anyone, Evidences, Goodbye love, My soul hurts, They were two crazy people of love  and thousands of more themes that are in the   collective unconscious  to fill our hearts ó n. 

7. The usual classics

These are themes that made dancing  embraced several generations.  And that, the youngest know yes or yes for their fame. In this note, we only mention a few because the history of the romantic quartet has  an extensive and endless list . The most voted by the people in this speech were:

  • Without you from Trulalá
  • Only with seeing you and How to look at you from Chipote
  • Armored love of Sabroso
  • I can't live without your love of the Toro Quevedo
  • Regalame a night of Neno Aguirre
  • In
  • case I don't see you again from David ortiz
  • With your love of Lisandro Márquez
  • I love you from La Konga
  • Trulala Adventure and more.

However, obviously  there are thousands more songs . Luckily for all lovers of this music,  the quartet gave us songs and unforgettable moments   that move us to tears  again and again.

It's been said to quartetese!

Publication Date: 02/01/2021

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