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Master Osvaldo Pugliese

A faithful representative of the milonga and popular spirit, he was one of the most admired pianists of all times. Argentine pride.

 Osvaldo Pugliese  was born in  Buenos Aires  on  December  2, 1905, in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo  . He made his debut at the age of 15 playing piano at the café  “La Chancha” , surrounded by handsome, careers and malandras.

He studied with  Vicente Scaramuzza ,  Isaac Tennesoff ,  Pedro Rubbione and  Pedro Aguilar . In 1921 he premiered his  tango   “Recuerdo” , when he performed with Enrique Pollet's quartet , a tango he recently recorded in 1944. In 1926, the instrumental version of this tango was known, by  Julio De Caro 's sextet. In 1929 he shared the sextet of  Vardaro-Pugliese  debuting in El Nacional. Unfortunately, they left no recordings.

From 1936 he starred with  Miguel Caló, Carlos Marcucc i and  Pedro Laurenz . He joined the  Communist Party  and in 1939 he was put in prison. Thus began the anecdotes of the orchestra without a conductor, for being in jail: the closed piano and a red carnation on top or the performance of other pianists replacing it for that reason.

He debuted with his orchestra in  “El Nacional” , in 1939 where he remained for 2 years. He then continued until 1943 at the  “ Café  Argentino”  in Chacarita. In that year he began recording, accompanied by singer  Roberto Chanel . He participated in the audition  “Ronda de Aces” , for  “ Radio El Mundo ” .

 Pugliese  fans dressed  “a lo Divito  ” , that is, with wide lapel bags, saspotifco with 4 or 5 Side buttons, domed trousers with buttons at the waist. Girls with wasp sizes, high-heeled and thin shoes, short and tight chickeras.

He left as a composer, unforgettable titles:  “La yumba”, “La Beba”, “Adios Bardi”, “El encopado”, “Negracha”, “Recently”, “Once”, “Barro” . In 1985 he gave a recital at the Teatro Colón. In 1986, the Deliberating Council appointed him  “Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires” . Among his singers were  Roberto Chanel, Alberto Morán, Jorge Vidal, Miguel Montero, Jorge Maciel, Alfredo Belusi . He died on 25 July 1995.

 Osvaldo Pugliese  based his style on  Julio   De   Expensive,   but it printed him the evolutionary and harmonic characteristics that distinguished him as the most admirable tango pianist of all times, from Argentina yesterday.

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