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The massive folklore festival of Santa Fe

From 11 to 13 January the Fisherman's Festival will be held, the main folklore meeting of the province. It brings together the most important artists of the genre.


Every year, the small coastal town of Sauce Viejo, located 25 km from Santa Fe, hosts the gigantic Fisherman's Festival. The event is organized at Don Roque Spa and, year by year, brings together the main exponents of the country's folklore.

In its 36th edition, the meeting will begin on Saturday 11 and end on Monday 13 January. On this occasion, they will visit Sauce Viejo Abel Pintos, Jorge Rojas, Chaco Palavecino and local Orlando Veracruz, along with twenty local ensembles and national. In addition, an emotional tribute to the Santafesino icon Horacio Guaranyis expected, when two years of his death.

In addition, the organizers assure that the buffet will be luxurious: you will be able to taste variants of the traditional fried fish of the region.

Provincial tradition

In the last edition, more than sixty thousand people attended the Fisherman's Festival. It is one of the most attractive folkloric weekends, at the level of the largest in the country, such as Cosquín or Villa María.

Willow Viejo is a small and very beautiful village of Santafesina. It is a village of fishermen, farm houses, lots of green and lots of tranquility. A little more than 20 km separate it from the provincial capital. But, every summers, your quiet resort turns into a real sand, which nothing has to envy you to the mega-events of the first world. What's the only difference? The unmistakable warmth of the interior Argentine. To the Fisherman's Festival you can go with sunbeds, chairs, tables folding and conservative. The whole family gathers to enjoy an event unique.

Do you Do you dare to spend a different summer? A pure folklore, river, and enjoying the famous cordiality santafesina. By the way, you can take the opportunity to get to know the particular landscape of the Argentine coast.

Get to know all about the Fisherman's Festival.

Publication Date: 10/01/2020

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