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The Indian Solari and the mystique around his phrases

Today we're praying, and it's music. On January 17, 1949, Indian Solari came to the world to transform it with disruption.

indio solari

 Controversial, urban  poet  and reluctant to flashes and face lights. Carlos Alberto Solari, known as  Indio Solari , is the  argento musicians who best represent the popular spirit . His songs stand out for moving away from extravagance and using expressions with which we can all identify. Although he was born in Paraná, Entre Ríos, at an early age he moved with his family to the Buenos Aires city of La Plata. At the end of high school, he entered the Institute of Fine Arts, where he passed some subjects but was expelled a year later.  Characteristic for his rebellion and brutal honesty, the future that awaited him was nothing more and nothing less than that of a  symbol  .

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Together with Skay Beilinson and La Negra Poli, he founded Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota , one of the most important groups in the country.  band  dissolved and Indio Solari founded  The Fundamentalists of Air Conditioning . No presentation that has it in front of it can go unnoticed.  His recitals are a ritual that few Argentines want to miss and his pogo is described as “the largest in the world” . That's why today we want to bring you some of  his most iconic  phrases    so you can run to Spotify or Youtube to listen to them. Protagonists of t-shirts, flags, streets and walls, the Indian compositions are a  national rock cockade .

 A religious phonola 

  • “ Luxury is vulgarity.” (A little French love).
  • “ My only hero in this mess.” (That star was my luxury.)
  • “ Violence is lying.” (Our master plays the slave.)
  • “ I was always less than my reputation.” (The freight carrier's daughter).
  • “ Living only costs life.” (Dirty clothes).
  • “ Minitas love clowns and champion paste.” (The kid of the shipyards).
  • “ The future came a long time ago.” (A whole stick).
  • “ My old lady raised a lunatic heart idiot.” (New Rome).
  • “ Two who love each other, say anything.” (The freight carrier's daughter).
  • “ He uses his tongue like a saber, while he laughs and hurry us.” (A little piece with the Greenpeace T-shirt.)
  • “ When the night is darker, the day is coming in your heart.” (Lost toys).
  • “ Something beats me and it's not my heart.” (A whole stick).
  • “ He who abandons has no prize.” (Surprise in Shanghai).
  • “ Farewells are those sweet pains.” (Gualicho).
  • “ Geniuses are good servants and bad masters.” (My love genius).
  • “ A heart does not harden because it does.” (The freight carrier's daughter).

 Ji ji ji, this is still 

  • “ Life without problems is to kill time in the fool.” (Luzbelito and the mermaids).
  • “ I'm lost without my stupidity.” (Fine task).
  • “ Decent people are different.” (shot by the Red Cross).
  • “ Rarely does this life make sense, love.” (Jugular rock).
  • “ No one is able to kill you in my soul.” (Pavilion seventh. Story by Horacio).
  • “ I know I can't give you anything but a couple of promises.” (Lost toys).
  • “ Please don't look, and don't wear the light, the image disfigured you.” (Ji ji).
  • “ With her I'm rich for free.” (Semen-Up).
  • “ Look at which side of the wick you are.” (Russian cheese).
  • “ Hard phallopas in soft guys hollow out hearts.” (Surprise in Shanghai).
  • “ Good happiness says it's not noticeable.” (Scaramanzia).
  • “ We deserve beautiful miracles, and they will happen.” (Amok! Amok!).

Publication Date: 17/01/2021

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