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Argentina beats in the rhythm of Adornos

Argentine tango, a passion present in Russia, through the Adornos center. An entrepreneurship to learn to dance it.


By  Liz Khalturina 

Despite the end of the  2018 World Cup  that happened in Russia, the spirit of Argentina did not disappear from the territory of this distant and ill-known country. There are Ornaments left.

 The heart of Argentina is still beating in Russia , and its beats are becoming increasingly clear because in the territory of this cold country the Argentine  culture  , so passionate and vibrant, so multifaceted and unmatched, it is represented by the Ornamentas Center.

Under the direction of Zhanna Krylóva, an amazing and beautiful, sweet and burning woman, who made the decision that changed her life and gathered love and work, was concluded on October 4, 2017 the foundation of the Adornos Center. According to Zhánna's words, the support of his close friend, Sebastián Arce, the global star of the Argentine tango, was decisive for the appearance of the Center. Sebastián is his choreographer, mentor and teacher of  Argentine tango .

Thanks to Zhánna's brava decision, Adornos has become  the place where students go with bright eyes and full of desires to learn to dance Argentinian tango , which is passionate and fiery interaction within a couple who is living their little life while they are living their little life while they are in the same way.aacute; n hugged and the  music  is playing. The Center's teachers, true professionals from the tango world, not only teach their skills to novices but continue to improve their professional level by successfully participating in the Tango Championships in Russia, Europe and World Cup.

Elena Schtitskaya and Dmitri Muksinov are the participants of the 2018 World Tango Championship and finalists of the 2018 Tango Championship in Korea, Anastasia Izvekova and Ivan Nabokin are the semifinalists of the World Championship, finalists of the 2018 European Championship and Russian Plato champions in 2018; Olga Nikolaeva and Dmitri Kuznetsov are medalists at the 2018 World Tango Championship and won gold at the 2018 European Tango Championship.

It should be noted that in all the championships the women teachers of the Ornaments Center perform in the dresses created by the Dress Laboratory, one more direction of activity of this Center.Zhanna, whose heart is full of love, beauty and enthusiastic attitude towards the world, in the role of  designer  accompanied by her professional team creates the collections of dresses and incredible advice for argentinian tango. Their costumes that differ by special chic and elegance, have already won the high reputation at tango events in Italy, Argentina and Russia. The dresses of the Ornaments Laboratory bring happiness to their owners passing the special energy of their inspired creators.

The new collection of dresses “Flowers of love” was represented at the event in honor of a year celebrated from the time of foundation, which was called Milonga “The year of love”, the Birthday Day of the Center Ornaments. The magical atmosphere, couples flying in the dance area, champagne glasses, determined laughter and bright eyes of the guests of the event is very complicated to describe, you have to really feel it. Zhánna who is brilliant for the delight of the special day, her brave couples, ardent students and their teachers, all move in the dance with the rhythm of passionate tango.

Special guests that afternoon were Verónica Palacio and Omar Quiroga, the famous Argentine tango masters around the world, as well as the young and prospective couple Gioia Abballe and Simone Facchini, who were the 2013 European Champions, runners-up of the European Championship in the Tango Stage category, finalists of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires in 2013, 2016 and 2017 in the category Tango Stage and Tango de Pista. Both  couples  are good friends of the Center and will come to give seminars for their students.

We wish Zhánna Krylóva to have a lot of strength and energy to achieve the goals of Centro Adornos, to be around people in love with what they do, like her, that the love of passionate Argentine tango and the culture of this amazing country continue to inspire her for new achievements.

The Center is the constant participant and the fenced friend of the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in the Russian Federation. In addition, this Centre was the official representative of Argentine culture and Argentine tango within the framework of the Argentine thematic project ESPACIO ARGENTINA organized within the framework of the 2018 World Cup in Moscow.

Many new events, achievements and plans await us, but at this time it is clear that the heart of Argentina is beating in Russia, and it beats in the rhythm of Adornos.

Publication Date: 26/10/2018

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By: Laura 28 October, 2018

Excelente nota Liz!! Gracias por querer tanto a los argentinos !!❤️

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