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The hand of God: the story behind the song Rodrigo dedicated to Maradona

To this day there is no person who sings it without passion. The quartet dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona does not age.

There was  the beginning of a new millennium , which was not a little. Many artists went on the radio during the time but  Rodrigo conquered the hearts with his quartet . Accustomed to music coming from the Buenos Aires world, Cordovan resonated so strongly that his works are still valid today. Maybe it was their quality, charisma or even, early death. Nobody forgets it but  one of his greatest successes is not unnoticed either. “ The hand of God”  is part of the Argentine songbook  that became a popular symbol of belonging.  Rhythm, lyrics and  Maradona   were conjugated to leave an indelible mark. However, the composition wasn't in charge of the Colt, you know that?

 Thirst for triumph and talent 

 Alejandro Romero was 24 years old at that time and was Rodrigo's brother-in-law, who had already become an undisputed star . So the singer one day  asked him to write him a topic  to add to his repertoire. Right to him, whose dream was to triumph with music while times became complicated. The composer told the producer  Federico Bareiro  that the piece was born after two hours in front of an empty sheet . He was very distressed because he couldn't find inspiration and opportunities were not left over. He even told that he came to question his passion and wanted to abandon his artistic career.

 So, in some kind of prayer, he asked to please receive a hand with a song Rodrigo liked . Most of all for his mother, who supported him in his longings and would serve as an incentive. Leaving it to luck, if he wrote something would be a sign of continuing his musical path and if not, he should devote himself to something else. It was at that very moment that he began to write meaningless words.  “ In a village he was born, it was God's desire to grow and survive the humble expression. Facing adversity with an eagerness to earn at every step, life.”  

Then he felt an inner voice that dictated straight to him the phrase:  “In a paddock he forged an immortal left-hander.”  There, he realized he  was talking about  Maradona  . Almost as if something had been put into the body, he found creativity again in the Ten. So Alejandro headed towards the house of the Colt to show him the lyrics written on a sheet. While the singer was preparing for a trip to Brazil, he asked him to recite it anyway.

 A manuscript that moved the hearts 

When the young man began to sing the first stanzas, Rodrigo peked out from the bathroom surprised and crying. The sequence had to be repeated three times until the star realized it was in front of a before and after.  “You don't know what you just did. This is your passport not to ask anyone for anything. This is going to be your best song, you're not going to get over it and everyone's going to sing it.”  With those words he started the road to resounding success in which he ended up becoming. In addition, the quarteter clarified to him that just as the best of love” was his best song, “The hand of God” would be his.

 “ I love you, Diego!  ”

 Maradona  was thrilled when Rodrigo introduced the topic to her during a visit to Cuba. It was in 2000 along with Jimena Cyrulnik, on the Versus program that she was driving. Similarly, Alejandro had the opportunity to meet the former player in person and even managed to sing his undisputed anthem to him. Dalma even celebrated his 15 years in 2002 and the composer was invited to an intimate meeting to interpret his songs. After some pieces, it was Diego himself who interrupted him to ask him to recite the one that was inspired by him. An honor that few can be given in life.

 The secret that made her hypnotic  

Many are the musical pieces that have been written to  Maradona  over the years.   However, none hit the same way as “God's hand” and its creator has the motives . According to what he detailed, the song starts with a lesser hue than, for Argentines, has a special detail. It is a melancholy and nostalgia that go back to our folklore. At the same time, in the refrain they use a greater hue, which makes it more hopeful. In this way, the work stretches between four or five notes that repeat and, which make dance to scream of pride.

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