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The hand of God: story of a song

We tell you the story that the icon of the quartet spread praising God. The story that immortalized the genius of the ball and the magician of melody.

La mano de Dios

 The story behind the song“The hand of God” is very curious . It is tart from the confluence of two icons of Argentinity that marked a whole people with their charisma and talent . The song honors Diego Armando Maradona and was popularized by Rodrigo. But... who composed it?

 Alejandro Romero is the author of the song  and had a media interview with musicologist Fede Bareiro, an expert in scampered stories of songs. “ With Rodrigo we were from different sticks, I was dabbling into pop at that time, but he became a boyfriend with my sister (also singer Alejandra Romero) and so I had the opportunity to have dinner with him,” Alejandro confessed.

One day, Rodrigo heard Alejandra sing a song composed by her brother  “Yo Sin Ti”,  and  perceived the magic of the kid. He decided to ask him to work on a topic for him to play.   At the request, Alejandro faced the challenge of writing a quartet  and found many difficulties, he thought about abandoning music if he did not overcome them.

An inspiring muse

She was  two hours in front of the blank sheet, a great enemy of every artist, poet or composer.  In his despair, he asked for a sign:  “In some kind of prayer, in tears I asked  'Give me a hand, a song that Rodrigo likes and recorded it so gives an incentive to my old lady who always supports me. ' .. And, if I didn't write anything, I would dedicate myself to something else,”  he explained.

And the miracle happened:  “So I began to write meaningless words for me: 'In  a village was born, it was God's desire, grow and survive the humble expression, face adversity with eagerness to earn every step a living...  'And at that moment I feel my inner voice that dictated to me:  'In a paddock he forged an immortal left-hander, '  and there I realized that it had to do with Maradona,” Romero said. He says it was  a mystical experience, which lowered inspiration, word after word in perfect composition. 

The presentation

Alejandro, excited, arrives at the department of Potro Rodrigo. Flirtatit, the quarteter tells him to wait for him a while and he bathes and comes back. In that interval, an exorbitant fact arises:  Rodrigo appears on the cover of Caras magazine, confessing that he had composed a song for Maradona.  Alejandro, inhibited, did not want to tell the proposal to the famous singer. It was no longer worth it, there was no hope, Rodrigo had gone ahead, there was already a composition. However, El Potro insisted until Alejandro sang it to him.

 The response of the Cordovan with colored hairs returned the soul to the composer: “You don't know what you   just did, you just won the passport to ask nothing from anyone. This is going to be your best song. You're  not going to be able to get over it.  I am 'The best of love', you are 'The Hand of God'  ”. And  a tragic remark followed.  El Colt claimed it was going to be his last success and wrote outside the manuscript “I.N.R.I”.

After that came  full dances, voice versions by different artists, and the song became a hymn . Even with the controversy about the reference to the drug. He circulates a video of  Maradona and El Potro waving , where Diego tells the artist:  “The song you made me you are a son of p...”,  with  laughter. 

Ale and Diego

Alejandro and Diego met on a birthday of Dalma, the daughter of the 10th. In the middle of the celebration, Claudia brings a guitar to the composer and invites him to sing some songs. After several songs, Ale, humbly, tries to pass the guitar to Luciano Pereyra. But  the divine appears, the boathing, the champion, and he says , “Master, master... will you sing mine?”.

 With that request, the story of the song ends, but the story of the legend of God does not. 

Publication Date: 01/12/2020

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