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Green Dwarfs arrive in Fender

The most successful band in the history of Mendoza rock will lend their name to the conference room of Fender. A mime to the Dwarfs.

The legendary national rock band is more active than ever.   They have 40 years of experience and continue to give them to talk   . New albums, tours around the world and millions of followers have meant a mime and a love for the band.   The fact is that the Fender guitar factory, perhaps the most famous in the world, has chosen the name “Los Enanitos Verdes” to name its conference room.   It is a room where hundreds of musicians pass through throughout the year. With this, colleagues, managers and entrepreneurs will rub daily with Los Enanitos Verdes.

  The news was released by Felipe Staiti   , the guitarist of Los Enanitos who obviously has Fender as his favorite brand.   On his twitter account, the musician wrote:      Be part of this dream factory... Here it goes! @fender's main conference room will be called... The Green Dwarfs! Pride and tremendous honor! ”.

Fender is particularly known for being   the guitar factory that first designed mass-selling solid body electric guitars   . Felipe Staiti is a great lover of Fender guitars, his beginnings were with the model   Stratocaster.   And, years later, Fender launched a limited model of guitars on the world market called   “Staiticaster”     in tribute to the mendocino musician.  

  The Green Dwarfs  

The band consists of Marciano Cantero on bass and vocals, Jota Morelli on drums and Felipe Staiti on guitar. In the past, the drummer was Daniel Píccolo, but, some years ago, he decided to take a step to the side.   The Green Dwarfs were formed in 1979   they are currently preparing a special show to celebrate their   40 years of experience.  

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