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The force remains intact

With more than 30 years of experience, Divididos is one of the most emblematic bands of our rock. We tell you something about the story of this group.

Dividdos was born of a detachment. It began as a part of a whole that existed thanks to a figure that condensed the full strength of another iconic band of our rock:   Sumo   . With the death of   Luca Prodan   in 1987, Sumo stopped making sense. That, however, was the germ of something else.   Divided   —like Las Pelotas — emerged from a breakup, but acquired a force of its own that makes it, today, more than 30 years later, remain at the top of our   rock   .

For this to be possible, they needed a new leader:   Ricardo Mollo   . In 1988, the project was launched in the town of Hurlingham, in the west of Buenos Aires. Together with   Diego Arnedo   (low), they needed someone on the battery and summoned Gustavo Collado, former Overload. After a few years, he left the band and was replaced by Federico Gil Solá, who also moved away later and Jorge Araujo took his place. Finally, in 2004,   Catriel Ciavarella   replaced Araujo, which led to the band's current formation.

They are known as the   Rock Flattener   , and that's not accidental. The energy that the band has when they play live is difficult to compare. It also has the versatility to incorporate other genres into its repertoire, such as folklore. With its own identity and an unmistakable sound, Divididdos had many recognitions throughout his career. In 2011 they took gold at the Carlos Gardel Awards. In 2015 they received their third Konex Prize.

Three decades of rock. Three decades of a force that remains intact.

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