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The folklorist of the red land

The great missionary folklorist Ramón Ayala managed to get the whole world to know Misiones through his verses. We tell you his story.


The figure of Ramón Ayala in the province of Misiones is immense. Ayala is “The Folklorist” of the red land. That mysterious talent of mixing music and poetry has made him an unparalleled composer. His inspiration was always the green of the jungle and the red earth. So,   Ramón Ayala managed to get the whole world to know Misiones through his verses.  

But there is much more to say about this great missionary interpreter. Always wearing his gaucho outfit, he has become one of the greatest exponents of coastal folklore. With more than 300 songs composed, he is one of the most experienced artists in all South America.   In other words, Ramón Ayala is a groso   .

On March 10, 93 years ago, Ramón was born in the province of Misiones. It was 93 years of light, as the motto said for the celebrations of this anniversary. 93 years of dances, music and joy for the red land.   The “Ramón Ayala Week, 93 years of Light” was a week full of honors and acknowledgments to the missionary musician   . With it, it was intended to give visibility to his prolific work. But also, we sought to promote the creation of a   House Museum of Music   in honor of Ramón Ayala.

  Day to day of the big week  

The celebrations began on Tuesday 10, the day of his birth, in the House of Representatives. They finished on Saturday 14 in Santa Ana. The “Ramon Ayala Week, 93 years of Light” had everything. There were official recognitions. In one of them, Ayala was declared an Illustrious Citizen and Guest of Honor by the Deliberating Council of Santa Ana. It also featured live music events with various guest artists. However, the most emotional moment occurred on the last day.

In Santa Ana, there is a property where there is still a small house of more than a century of existence. There, a young Ramón discovered the guitar, that magical instrument that made him famous in the red earth. In the midst of the celebrations, it was proposed that this historic building become something new.   The “House Museum of Music of the Province of Misiones Ramón Ayala”   . In that same place, where at age 7, Don Ramón Ayala had his first contact with missionary music.

Publication Date: 11/06/2020

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By: César 12 June, 2020

Hay un error en el artículo. Las imágenes son de músico mexicano del mismo nombre. Saludos.

By: Bob Ventura 16 June, 2020

Muchísimas gracias por tu mensaje, César. Ya solucionamos el inconveniente. Y mil gracias por leer y comentar. Saludos!

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