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The first tango that Gardel sang

Carlos Gardel, the major singer of the history of tango, began singing folklore. And in the 2x4 he started singing “My sad night”. It was 1917.


We all believe Gardel was born singing tango. That before he said “Mom,” he sang “My sad night.” Well, at least I thought so. But I don't. It turns out that "The Creole Thrush" was a singer of folklore, when he crossed Pascual Contursi in a milonga.

Legend has it that Contursi had put some verses of his to the tango “Lita”. So creating a new version. Called “My sad night.” That premiered, by far, successfully in Montevideo. Enthusiastic, when he returned to Buenos Aires, he showed it to Gardel. Looks like “Thrush” loved it. And he started singing it in a friend's wheel. He doubted to sing tango in public.

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finally cheered up. He premiered it where he sang folklore: in the theater “Empire”. It was 1917. It was a success. So much, that convinced him to follow the path of the 2x4. Oh, thank God. That same year, he recorded it for the label “Discos Nacional Odeon”, of the local recorder Casa Max Gluksman. He was accompanied by his partner Razzano on the guitar. Huge sales success.

The following year, he sang it for a long time in the theater “Esmeralda” (today the "Maipo”). Now seconded by Razzano. Many people confuse this event as the premiere, perhaps because in the “Empire” he was accompanied by another guitarist.

In 1930 Gardel recorded it again. Now not with the horn system, but with the new microphone. It was with the guitars of Barbieri, Aguilar and Riverol. Again for the label “National Odeon Discos”.

“ Mi noche triste” began the path of thousands of tangos that followed with the theme of abandonment, misfortune, the woman who leaves. Maybe he's the culprit of the nostalgic and sad nickname won by the 2x4. Let's know. The most important thing is that it is a beautiful tango.

Publication Date: 07/10/2019

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