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The empress of tango

Ada Falcon was one of the most recognized figures of her time. At the top of his career, he abandoned everything and held himself until his death.


She had what everyone yearns for: beauty, youth, fame, money, success. But all that does not reach when something in the heart hurts.   Ada Falcon   was one of the most recognized tango singers in history. At the peak of his career, however, he left everything and was secluded until his last days.   They say that because he couldn't stand the heartbreak   .

His career began in 1925, when he recorded his first album accompanied by Osvaldo Fresedo's orchestra. She was one of the precursors who broke into a world that, until then, was governed by men.   Tango with a woman's voice   . In the few years of his career, he had an event comparable to that of Hollywood stars of his time. He recorded three films and, by the mid-1930s, he had already become one of the most important songwriters in tango.

In those years, he began an employment relationship with   Francisco Canaro   and his orchestra. They recorded about fifteen albums a month. He made his debut on Radio Cultura, Stentor, Splendid, Argentina, Prieto, Belgrano and El Mundo. Ada was everywhere.   Everyone loved her.  

In 1933, Canaro dedicated the waltz to him   “I don't know what your eyes have done to me”   . It was precisely him who fell in love with and with whom he had a secret relationship that lasted 10 years. He was married to a Frenchwoman who, they say, promised to leave, but he never did. They had one of those powerful and inevitable loves, until   Ada could no longer with her broken heart   .


Unexpected Ending

In 1942, his retirement surprised everyone in the atmosphere.   Ada Falcon had it all, and abandoned it from one day to the next.   I lived in a luxurious house in Palermo, had two high-end cars. He sold everything and distributed much of the money to some of his acquaintances. She moved with her mother to a house in Salsipuedes, in the middle of the mountains of Córdoba.

  For 60 years, he lived in prison   . He said he had felt God and that, for that reason, he had moved away from his public life. Ada Falcón died of natural causes in 2002, in a religious asylum in Cordoba. He was 96 years old. With her she took the certainty that no matter what success you see from outside, true happiness lies in the heart.

Publication Date: 17/08/2020

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