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The cueca cuyana that breaks it on YouTube

The Abraham Sisters work hard in quarantine. So, they uploaded a video of the single “Sin Palabras”, which breaks it on YouTube.

Betiana and Marianela Abraham are two of the greatest exponents of our music.   With their lyrics and composition they have managed to settle in the most important national and international festivals. But the quarantine put a stop on all that.   . However, far from relaxing or taking a sabbatical time, The Abraham Sisters   They continued to work hard in quarantine and uploaded a material that breaks it on YouTube.  

One day the girl got together

  “And one day the girl came together, virtually,”   says Marianela to spread this cueca. It is titled “Without Words” and, at the beginning of the video, in a novel proposal, the protagonists exchange, precisely, a few words.

“Today the girl gathered to make a song.   I have here, next to me, my sister with the soul, who is far away, but it is well here, in my heart,” says Betiana, at the beginning. To which Marianela responds: “Today our great friends accompany us   and musicians with whom we are touring the stages.”

Namely, The Abraham Sisters present their musicians who, during the video, show undeniable talent. They are   Martín Parra, on drums and percussion; Alfredo Musri, on bass; and Martín Cappi, special guest on flute.   Everyone makes a piece of music that breaks it on YouTube.


It is recommended to play the video and enjoy a real cueca cuyana. The edition is sublime and every musician has his second role. They show, on the whole, that the techniques of remote engraving from their homes, perhaps, came to stay. At times, large studios with cutting-edge technology seem not to be so necessary.

By the way, Marianela doesn't agree with that:   “We tried to make the audio work out as best as possible with the tools we had at home. While many musicians have knowledge of recording, editing and mixing programs, we will never be able to match the physical conditions of a studio, such as microphones and premium materials.”  

Rating: 0/5.