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The cordovan with the radiant smile

This is a renowned singer who recorded thousands of hits. In case you want to know, we tell you who is the cordovan with the radiant smile...


If you clicked it is because you want to know   who is the successful artist of the radiant smile.   It's about   Mario Ruben Gonzalez:   Mario, by Mario Lanza, and Ruben, by Rubén Darío. However why explain both his name, if we all recognize it as   Jairo, the most famous Cordovan artist in the world of music   and ballads. He is the man who transformed the lives of many Argentines and Argentines with his voice. It is the figure that represents   warmth of our idols   and the sympathy that characterizes us. This singer-songwriter was born in Cruz del Eje in 1949, is more Cordovan than fernet with coca although   I don't have that much toning anymore.   It is that so much   national and international tour,   he was lost with his different life experiences. Of course, there is something he did not lose: his radiant smile.

  In case you want to know its beginnings...  

Jairo Corcoba, as it is known, was recognized by Mercedes herself     “Mecha” Soda   as the best voice of argentina.   He is a unique singer who started his career very early. His beginnings in the music world were back in 1960. The Cordoba media christened him as   “Marito Gonzalez.”   Nickname with which his fellow fellow fans continue to call him, but for which for a long time the artist was ashamed. As Marito, he released the album   Very youthful   in 1965. With the passage of time, he was accepting   all stages of their trajectory.   That's when he could check, with the support of his   national and international public,   that was a success no matter what name they call it. But before all that began in his homeland - Cordoba. And with a very close relationship with rock. In addition, he started playing in   television shows,   where he was acquiring followers. As soon as his radiant smile appeared in the air, the audience began to adore him.

  The beginning of the     hitazos  

In 1970 he released his first album:   Emotions   , it was a production with a high school friend. In 1971 he won the   First Prize of the Critics   and the   second prize at the Costa del Sol Festival.   It would be the beginning of thousands of recognitions. Already crowned, his fate began to be revealed: it would be an imminence of Argentine music. However, it came   the military dictatorship   which directly violated national culture, forcing the best artists to leave their country.   Jairus decided to go into exile.   He continued his career as an artist, but far from his nation. However, his radiant smile never disappeared. It was in Spain that he met the great artists and continued to publish albums. Travelled and worked with   Mercedes Sosa, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Astor Piazzolla,   the iconic singers   representatives of the Argentine popular cultural heritage.   With them he recorded songs and made performances that were   a success,   because his voice gives the essential touch to every poem. Between without returning to his homeland, trips around Europe and productions, he decided to return with the   end of dictatorship.   The return to democracy allowed him   produce your music without restrictions   and give massive recitals. Also for those years he made his way through the   big screen argentina,   with different directors, actors and renowned actresses   between 80 and 95.  

Some of the hitazos that made him take off to a maximum level of fame were “Your swallow soul”, “In case you want to know” and “Sadness.” Other interpretations are “Suddenly happened”, “The valley and the volcano” and “If you come back will be tiredness”, among others, made it a   popular icon.  

  Single Duo  

In Argentina he continued with his successes. In Córdoba, in particular, he participated in   traditional festivals   who gather the   best folk artists in the country.   And, in case you want to know, his soul mate in the art world was Daniel Salzano. The work in conjunction with the great Cordovan poet reached   surpass the limits, becoming an exceptional art.   However, Jairo led and continually brought successes   from Castilian to French and from French to Castilian.   This singer manages like fish in the water in various musical genres, among which are folklore, tango,   chanson   and pop rock.

Any song, in Jairus's voice is a prayer. With Daniel's poetry and the voice of this singer there   success ensured.  


Publication Date: 22/07/2020

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