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The chacarera of the pandemic

Always with humor and joy, we Cordobeses relook it. Claudio Gordillo made the chacarera of the pandemic, to educate and amuse in quarantine.

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 Claudio Gordillo  is a teacher of Cordovan music  who decided to wave the world's chaos. In an Instagram video, she broadcast a  chacarera that educates us to pass the pandemic  in a conscious way. This is a  cover  of the song “Let me go!” by Cuti Carabajal, with music by Roberto Ternán.

 Claudio Gordillo  addressed the coronavirus pandemic as he always does in all situations of his life: with music. With the creativity that characterizes him, he produced the  hit of the pandemic.  He recorded it as a joke, from his car, and got it on his nets. A few minutes away,  it was a success . Because it's funny, but it also reminds us of all the preventive measures.

This artist is dedicated to  music  10 years   ago . With his guitar and his varied pedagogical tools he lives a life full of melodies. And it fills the lives of those around him with rhythm. On several occasions, Claudio Gordillo served as the companion of the comedians “Negro” Álvarez or Cacho Buenaventura.

This hit of the pandemic  is not his first humorous music production.  He also has versions of songs by  Abel Pintos , Chaqueño Palavecino,  Los Nocheros and This is how he generates his followers on networks and revolutionizes the world of music. By putting the humor on every song. His productions are very witty and generate laughter around various themes. This time, he made use of the state of emergency. Claudio still doesn't reach big stages, but he has  his fan group  following him in bars, cafes and local events that contact him as part of the grids.

 Read the lyrics of the song: 

Although my soul hurts, if my chest is closed I

must take distance and no longer give more kisses

I must take distance and no longer give more kisses

Where I will go yes it matters that there are not many people,

I must cover my mouth coughing

here, in the fold

I must cover my mouth coughing

here, in the fold

 Wash your hands thoroughly wash your 

hands is the best vaccine

in this there is no deception, the safest way

to wash your hands well is the best vaccine

Always use alcohol, take it in the purse

deacute; jame to wash me as many times as I want

let me wash as many times as I want

(Second) Although my soul hurts

I have to prevent me I

don't want to be quarantined tomorrow and sad

I don't want to be quarantined tomorrow and sad

And to complete it I also have dengue

you have to empty cacharros, get repellent

you have to empty cacharros, get repellent

Do not have to go crazy

Do not forget details

Do not walk paranoid

Just take care of yourself

Do not have to walk  Paranoid 

just need to take care of yourself

Always use soap, take it in my wallet

let me wash as many times as I want

let me wash

and pests die

Publication Date: 22/03/2020

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