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Los Catamarqueños, the constant evolution of folklore

They started as Los Gauchos Catamarqueños, modernized, sought to reach young people, and folklorists transformed into Los Catamarqueños.

Los Catamarqueños

Needless to say what is the province that saw the birth  of Los Catamarqueños . In the northern  province  , the  Valleys  Calchaquíes, a group of young people decided to form a folklore band. In this way Nelson “Chicharra” Villagra, José Agustín Tapia and Miguel Ángel Villagra started Los Gauchos Catamarqueños.

Catamarqueños Gauchos made their leap in quality and popularity on the TV show Gran Club Casino. It is important to highlight the path of this band with 25 years of experience and popularity throughout the country and was the historical base of what we know today as Los Catamarqueños.

In the late 90s they had the need to give a new identity to the sound of folklore and reach young people. With an ambition of greater diffusion, Los Gauchos became Los Catamarqueños. ComPOSED of “Chicharra” Villagra, Andres “Tati” Arrieta, Jorge Oviedo, “Beto” Garrido and Alexis Balanowsky. Then Cristian Gijena and Ariel Juarez would be added.

These changes made gave Los Catamarqueños that  distinctive  and unique feature they were looking for. They became representatives of Argentine folklore in general. The greatest achievement of them, like that of every folklore band, was to be on Cosquín's stage.

Their way of conjugating classic and modern folklore into a theme makes them unique in each stage. These changes made throughout its history did not have a negative impact. On the contrary, they maintain that quality and rhythm that characterizes them.

The highlights of Los Catamarqueños

Their regular participation in each  Cosquín  Festival prides them and all catamarqueans. They are also protagonists in the Festival of Dressage and Folklore in  Jesus Maria . In their lands also, being the top references in the National Poncho Festival in Catamarca. Any cultural festival in Argentina where folklore sounds is a good place to listen to Los Catamarqueños.

Publication Date: 26/04/2020

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