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The Brazilian voice of Santa Fe

In Santa Fe, Brenda Böck is synonymous with Brazilian music. Tour and musical news of the singer of bossa nova, samba and MPB.

Brenda Böck

Brenda Böck is a   singer santafesina   , based in San José del Rincón, which specializes in Brazilian music. Currently, its main set is Brenda Böck   Samba Threesome   , along with Rica Rosa on drums and percussion and Matías “Masche” Armando on guitar. It is a training dedicated exclusively to   interpretation and composition   of Brazilian music, particularly samba, bossa nova and MPB.

In addition to this group, Brenda constantly participates   in music projects related to Brazil   and its wide variety of folk and popular. His passion for this country and his art were born in 2005. In that year, he won a university scholarship   and traveled to study History to Campinas   , Sao Paulo. “I felt a huge attraction to the music of the country and I got really into studying, singing and listening. I started singing in bars right there. That gave me the impulse to, when I arrived in Santa Fe, dedicate myself to sing,” he says.

Brenda lived in the neighbouring country for two years: “Whenever I can, I'll be back. Not only because of what I like Brazil, but because   i stayed there huge friends   ”.

His impressive voice did not simply “appear” to Brazil's breakthrough into his life. “I always sang, since I was little. At 14 I entered the   Choral Institute of the Province     from Santa Fe   . That opened my head, musically speaking. In addition to offering me huge vocal tools, discipline and,   especially, friends and friends   ”.

On the artistic scene in which he is inserted, Brenda assures that “from a time to this part,   is there a very beautiful cultural move in the city   from Santa Fe. I think, until before the pandemic, the local culture was pure excitement and adrenaline. Full of corners with bars that allowed us to sing and play. Scenarios with lights always on I think and hope everything   this will make us look better and more strengthened   ”.


  PHOTO: Pablo Aguirre  

Publication Date: 11/07/2020

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By: Neysa 16 July, 2020

Divina Brenda y su grupo!!!

By: Julio De Martini 24 August, 2020

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muchas gracias por tu comentario. Saludos!

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