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Telling down walls

Micaela Chauque is the first woman authorized to play an “exclusive” instrument for men. He broke the paradigm and today he is a benchmark.

A few years ago it was unthought that an original woman would play a wind instrument like the quena. However, times change and talent can win over any prejudice. The story of  Micaela Chauque  begins in her indigenous community Colla of  Finca Santiago, Iruya department  , province of Salta, where she was born (very close to  the Quebrada de Humahuaca , in Jujuy).

As a child she was always passionate about music, but she was 15 when she started playing the instrument for which she would become famous years later. So Micaela started playing the quena. His ease and skill for music meant that over time he began to perform on various stages outside the province.

His name grew and began to share his music with renowned artists such as  Jaime Torres or the rock band Divididos . But she still had to go through a real test of fire: to be accepted by her community of La Quebrada to play that  instrument  that, by tradition, she could not play.

 How did they authorize her? 

What  Micaela Chauque  did was show up at a  traditional party  of her community, where she asked to move on stage. People authorized it. He played and played for several hours (as is customary at parties, artists can spend many hours playing their instrument). He captivated those present who, after listening to what his instrument produced, told him he could continue to do so. Micaela became the first woman from the  Quebrada de Humahuaca  to be authorized to play the quena.

 About the artist 

 Micaela Chauque  is an artist, teacher, lutier and also founder of the “Encuentro de Mujeres Artistas de la Quebrada”. In 2019 he won the Carlos Gardel Award for Best Folklore Album Female Artist. She performed on numerous  stages  and is an internationally projected artist. And there goes Micaela with her quena, conquering and knocking down walls.

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