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#TateEnCasa: we deal with quarantines to quatracks

Carli Jimenez and Palazzo come together to produce #TateEnCasa. It is a mini festival televised by YouTube and for the world.


Cordovan producer José Palazzo, famous in the world of show business, gets caught unawares, but ready to go on with his work. This great businessman sees opportunities where misery is left. In the middle of quarantine , he has a revealing vision: the idea of making a program for the audience he has . #TateEnCasa arises from the need to make people stay at home, but entertaining.

The musician Carli Jimenez, son of La Mona, a heart artist and a Cordovan conductor, takes on the joda. “ El Carli” is one of the most famous characters in Cordoba. Beloved by all, and followed by the moving quartteapot. He knows how to drive like the gods, and he doesn't lag behind when it comes to telling jokes.

#TateEnCasa is a fresh proposal, which brings joy in the running of the bulls. This cycle of mini recitals began on April 4, and will continue every quarantine Saturday. Because, in Córdoba, we do “ quartetena”, and the dance can not miss. It will be broadcast on the Youtube Channel “Tate En Casa” and via Instagram: @ Tateat home.

A little bit of everything

This space invites people of all clubs to share unique evenings each from home. Humorists, quarters, rockers and musicians of all kinds will share their art.

“ It will be a free show where solidarity and rhythm will be enhanced with our desire to be together. Just prepare yourself well, I chose who you are going to invite, make yourself beautiful and find a comfortable placein your house, because I will be in mine giving everything... Tateen home! a meeting of the show from Córdoba and for the whole country”, says Carli Jimenez.

The essence of the program is to invite everyone to stay at home. Entertain the public and generate a cultural and Cordoba movement for the whole country. This show invites us to get cute and get out to dance, but inside the house.

We make lyrics and stay at home

The program's jingle was written by Franco Ronchetti of Cuatro Al Hilo and produced in Mexico by Diego Morrison. And it says like this:

All our artists go hand in hand and it's for you

Today we ask you:

Tate at home, please.

You don't need to go out,

here you can choose

pure art, an expression.

Today we ask you,

Tate at home, please

Tate at home,

Tate at home,

We come to you.

Publication Date: 10/04/2020

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