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Santa Fe is punk

Punk rock is a subgenre of youth music that has several representatives in the capital of Santafesina. I know some of the bands.


The city of Santa Fe is known for its rock movement. Being much smaller than the main city of the province, Rosario, it draws attention to its richness and musical diversity. In this range, all styles derived from rock have local representation. Punk rock, that joint creation between the Ramones and the young English of the seventies, is, in Santa Fe, a whole move in itself.

Between the 90 's and the first decade of the 21st century, more than ten subgenre groups coexist in the provincial capital. Today they are less, because the style also does not have too many representatives in the country. It lost footsteps behind indie rock and electronic variants that are constantly emerging. Likewise, the sanctimonious punkrockers that persist are true exponents and have faithful followers. They broadcast their music through social networks and streaming platforms. They edit records and publish video clips.

Punk Explosion

Worldwide punk rock, which burst in the seventies and moved to the background in the eighties, experienced a strong revival in the nineties. Green Day and The Offspring slipped for several years into the major commercial music rankings. At the same time, in the middle of the decade, the mythical Ramones said goodbye forever, with a highly remembered final show in Argentina. All this had a great impact on the rock movement of the country, giving popularity to groups such as Attaque 77, 2 Minutas or Flema, among others. This trend also saw its impact on Santa Fe. Between 1995 and 2000 there were ensembles that played a lot and came to record material in cassettes and compacts distributed independently in the city and surroundings. One of the pioneers was the Tramontinas. Then appeared Flashlights, Backlash, Anubis and Owl. By the end of the decade, rude and annoying noises made quite a mess.

Already in the first decade of the new millennium, a lot of Santaphesino punk groups emerged: RDP, A.S.M.A., Reverends, Tole Tole, Gastroenteritis, Askerozo, Censorshh, False Identity, Four Quarters, Mr. Juana (in neighboring Esperanza), Sin Salida, among others. It was the time of the remembered Festi-Punk. Popular tickets, precarious sound. Cold, cheapbeer . Lots of pogo, mosh and slam. Festivals were announced at 21, but began after 23 and ended late in the early morning.

The story was repeated every weekend. Rock in Santa Fe was a cultural proposition. Punk, a true expression of counterculture.

The devastating Cromañon effect wreaked havoc. Rock fashions were changing. The modalities of the events, too. Few punk rock bands persisted.

More professionalized

The oldest groups of the style that are still in force today are Contracolpe, with 25 years of experience, and Noises (former Noises Annoying), with more than twenty. In popularity, at the forefront are Los Gastro and Censorshits. Both play often and divide the billboard when the great nationals of the genre arrive in the city. There are also other very good quality groups such as Oliver 4 and Jedy.

These ensembles managed to stay afloat by professionalizing their activity. The few places in Santa Fe to play offer much better technical conditions than most of the venues where events were used to be held. The demands, therefore, are also greater.The audience no longer attends the recitals so massively, and got used to Youtube, Spotify and Instagram Live . So all these current sets dumped their work heavily there.

In this context, it is logical to decrease the number of punk bands . It should also be borne in mind that rock, in general, lost a lot of ground among today's youth . Thus, the persistence of those who continue to fly the flag of punk rock in Santa Fe is valuable.

Publication Date: 18/07/2020

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