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Rolo Sartorio: “Replaying with La Beriso is to recover joy”

The popular rock group will perform in Córdoba and Capital Federal, an opportunity in which its singer analyzed this long-awaited return to the stage.

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In the rehearsal room of the group La Beriso you can breathe enthusiasm, but above all happiness for the concrete possibility of returning to the stage, after 13 months of the last show offered in our territory. After all shows with public in Argentina were suspended on Thursday 12 March 2020, the famous band had only developed in early September a concert broadcast by   streaming   , but when Rolo Sartorio remembers him in his exclusive interview with Ser Argentino, the conclusions do not seem to be the best.


“It is very rare to go out and that in the place where you get on there is no audience, it is very rare and the only thing that reminds you is when you are testing sound, while a few people you see in front are there but are not paying attention like the audience. We also gave that show the best vibe, with good technical production, interactivity with all the things that happened backstage and an after-show so that all the people located in their homes could see live the back room of the concert and what happens next, “admits firm and sincere the singer about that Internet streaming event.


Performing a few interviews during the last few days, with the aim of promoting all the concerts that the group will provide since this weekend, emerges as the main news aspect the confirmation of five concerts in Argentina, after the restrictions that occurred after the arrival of the   COVID-19   The first show in theatre format with protocols was on March 25 at Club Prado, Villa Nueva (Córdoba), after which they will repeat the experience on 26 of this month at the Multiespacio Complex, in Rio Cuarto. The farewell of warm Cordovan floor will occur on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March in Espacio Quality, a place of wide size adapted to the circumstances. The arrival in Buenos Aires will take effect when finally on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 April musicians climb the proscenium of the Opera Theatre, with sold out locations, which promoted the announcement of a third for the 18th of that month. In addition, April will close with the group's presence in Rosario, when the 23rd and 24th of that fourth monthly block found them playing at the Municipal Amphitheatre, before launching a tournée for places like Santa Fe, Tucumán, Salta and a potential concert in Uruguay.




  What were you doing in the last few weeks before the dates of the group's official return to the stages were announced playing in front of the public?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Well, we were essentially rehearsing a lot to recover the oiled settings and synchronisms we had before the quarantine stopped everything, it was a little bit to stop the activity, not knowing also when we were going to be able to play again and under what conditions. A group is not only the musicians who go up to play, but a whole great structure behind, there are the leads, technicians, the logistics of the concert, those who work there at the concert site, are many people who are affected by a situation like this as a result of isolation. We were aware of what was happening understanding the health drama, we sought not to stop our action, for example, in February we released the video of the song “Insolente”, a song where “Moska” of the Authentic Decadents participates, is a theme that allowed us to explore new rhythms, leaving a bit like this from the comfort site.


  What thoughts were going through you while the months passed without touching?  

  Rolo Sartorio   : The head starts to fuel faster in the middle of the parate that was the strict isolation of those first months, just as we never stopped, in July 2020 we officially presented the documentary “Full of History”. We had a great film crew that followed us at sun and night during the tour of “Tours and Madrugadas”, did the people of Cinema 7 Films, material directed by Rodrigo Vila and Cristian D'Alensandro, it is a careful review of our history since we started until these last months. It was very fun because it showed absolutely everything, for the fans it is to be able to see the totality of what happens since we left home until the concerts end, the material was very good and we were very satisfied with this documentary film.




  The last performance in a big place in La Beriso was at the Movistar Arena stadium in the Villa Crespo area. I felt them very satisfied with what happened there.  

  Rolo Sartorio:   It was simply impressive, it is the first modern stadium in the Federal Capital, there enter about fifteen thousand people and is a closed place with all the technical updates that exist worldwide, it is in a place accessible from any area, many buses pass, the train is nearby and there are places where to leave the car. The stadium is very big, it's thought like the last venues that exist on the planet and nothing is missing, it sounds good and you have people very close while you're playing.


  Before this unusual came   pandemic   You guys were playing in very big places where they sold out non-stop tickets. How did you assimilate this phenomenology of acting anywhere in the country and whatever the economic moment of the country, end up filling all those selected concert venues?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Well, since that memorable concert happened in La Plata in 2015, we felt that empathy with people was growing and had no limits. But it is convenient not to forget about no less detail. That show we did at the Único de La Plata, was actually originally intended to play outside the stadium, taking advantage of the large beach where cars are parked when there is a match. At a moment after we announced it, it began to sell so well, that after a few weeks the question in production was “Do we do it inside? “and we ended up with people exhausting locations in that first big performance, it was an amazing show that after a few weeks could be seen in certain fragments on tv, we had Juanse as a guest and people were really crazy.


  Since you mention it, you should remember a fantastic anecdote you have with him at the time they started with La Beriso. Can you remember it?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Yeah, obviously. It's pretty desopilating now to evoke it, it was over there at the beginning of the millennium, I remember I went to see the Paranoid Mice, the intention was to show them a demo of the group. I remember a very direct assistant of the band said to me in the ear, “Please wait here, after the concert we're going to hear it with Juanse.” I was very excited, I remember the minutes were passing and I stayed waiting, at a moment happens a lady who was cleaning. It was Cement. “Che there was no one left inside,” he told me and I was shocked. The thing is that time passes and you handle it differently, but that was strong, now we're colleagues and I told him the day he came to eat home, just when he was getting out of the car, I had a similar picture of when I saw him go on stage. It can be quite rare because in these years I share a lot of moments and situations with people you used to simply look at as an audience. There's something I always make clear to everyone, and that is to admit that they were always my idols.


  Your bandmates admit time and again that they are not satisfied with the aesthetics of audio that was achieved the first time they performed in “El Único” in La Plata. Is the same thing happening to you?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   I listen to it and it seems to me that he is barbarian, we must not forget that this show was the pearl that we included inside a box that published our label with the five previous study works that we had published so far. I don't know why they'll remember that concert that way, but at that moment we lived it as a party. We are a genuine re band, if we have to play in Latin America and bring the guitar we do it and we go with two monitors for the whole group, there is no kind of sight, it seems to me that we don't have to complain about certain things that are happening to you.




  In December 2017 they fulfilled the dream of all local groups, that is, to give a show on the River court. It was like a kind of “Live Aid”, where a list of amazing guests was given. What was going on in your head when you warned that these situations could happen?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   The truth is that one gets into the shows that then followed, that because of those things of the hurry maybe there you lose consciousness of what is sown, you really lose consciousness of things. Those situations appear to you in the analysis only when they give you a comment. For example, I crossed David Lebon and he was pussy, he was happy with what happened, because he remembered the moment he went up to play with us on that show. David was not above an armed stage on the River court since that return of Serú Giran with two shows in December 1992, that was very emotional and moving. I remember that we met at Teatro Colón a while ago, that was because we both were special guests of the concert that Coti Sorokin put together to tour all his discography. David told me he was very grateful for the gesture we had to invite him. We enjoyed having it singing in a song of ours on the compilation album, but you can not ask fate.


  For a new group doing a show in River marks something very consecratory, it looks into the history of that ensemble as a before and after, it didn't seem to be exactly that in your case because the next day they had several performances announced.  

  Rolo Sartorio:   I honestly swear we're not aware of those kinds of facts that are happening to us, on the one hand, it's good, you're still the same, you come from playing River at your house and you have to wash the dishes, like anyone. It seems to me that it is an ideal behavior to deal with these circumstances that sometimes we have to live.


  You talked about the highest Argentine lyric coliseum.   .   How did you assimilate that invitation from Coti Sorokin to participate in his show in such a Buenos Aires room?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   It was all very relaxed, phenomenon, plus Coti is a friend, we had a barbarian. First of all, I have to repeat it, Coti Sorokin is a great friend, I love him and admire him very much, one of the best composers in the country. Actually, we had a show date the day he recorded his compilation material at Teatro Colón, I called him, we thought it was a Saturday. and ended up taking place on a Monday. Then I could accompany him when he invited me, that's why I recorded on that show, I remember he said very excited “come to sing”, we went to sing, we were with Coti, Facundo Soto de los Joasones, Abel Pintos, David Lebón, we all had a great time, we shit laughing, on top for me to sing ah& iacute; in the Columbus it was something very moving, really very strong.


  Do you imagine that this historic place could be in the future a place where they can make a new presentation?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   It's a difficult place because it listens very well, but they make you play very but very short, you could eat and chat with a person at the volume they make you play (laughs). Then it is not so easy for us, in lyrical terms there we have to play and sing “pianissimo”, one possibility would be to propose an acoustic show of La Beriso in such a place, something we do not rule out.


  They had a chance to sing and record with Cacho Castaña. In a few months it is two years after his death. How do you remember the encounter they had with him, the way he treated you and his physical departure?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   It's really really strong emotions all those things you remembered, it's a very strong thing, yeah, totally. In fact, I was talking about it with friends when we're home and you now remember he's not and it's very sad. I made a friendship with Cacho, I loved it and I love it very much, it was a typo, really someone very affectionate. I remember the days he called me and said, “Come and have a “feca” home! “The truth was amazing, many times when I called I was at my house with a friend and they didn't believe that he was calling me, it was a really amazing thing, something very good that I remember with great affection and obviously I miss it a lot, almost two years already, right? Very loud truth. I remember when we recorded “Cacho de Buenos Aires”, we even made a video clip, that song was spectacular, Cacho was very happy, it was what I wanted and people loved it.




  In 2019 a few years they presented in a very distinguished bar located within the Palermo Racecourse to present the beer named after the group. How do you remember that situation and how does something like that fit into a music group?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   It was an idea that came up and we were offered to have a beer line, it was the time when enterprises to make craft beers were emerging very strongly. It is clear that beer is always a drink linked to the world of rock and it is no stranger to us, we approached the owner of “La Rabieta”, who has that amazing bar in Palermo's Hippodrome to offer us the proposal. We went to the factory they have and there we were able to prepare three flavors of beer, according to the elements that are incorporated into the central component. We spent many hours checking perfumes and fragrances there in the place, you could stay all your life trying varieties (laughter), they are very rich and good, then we agreed with the profiles that each one would have. This is the “citric blonda” called “Treacherous”, the “Scotch Ale” named “Hell” and the other is the “IPA”, with a fairly intense central perfume, we baptize it “For glory”. So far they all received a good answer, but the path of consolidating something like that is very long and you have to arm yourself with patience.


  Before publishing the very successful album “Touras y madrugadas” that they made official at the Movistar Arena stadium, they published a double album that came with a great book with images of all time. You always pointed out to me that it was quite a challenge at the time to compile a story that accelerated so hard, didn't you?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Look, you're alluding to “20 years celebrating,” the thing was like that, we've been saying a long time saying “how good it would be to record the old songs that maybe are badly recorded, or actually not recorded in the ideal way at the time, not that they are badly recorded, because the songs and albums published at that time are truly very worthy. But it also emerged from making some versions, the good thing is that the project was very good because it had impressive guests, soon after published the work surprisingly gave a lot to talk about. Above, some very important artists at that time accompanied us in those reversals that appeared, we are grateful to the circumstance of proving that many rock figures backed us the way they did. I understand that it is a very good thing at first glance, there are bands like us, there are several and we all have been paying tribute to those who made this way, who are   Charly Garcia   , Fito Paez, Andrés Calamaro, Ratones, David Lebón, that I know, then it is good that we call them and that our audience can see them while we say “see these are what built the first walls of this movement”.


  It should be a very moving sensation when legendary figures are lit up in a convite of the dimensions that occurred as a result of this project.  

  Rolo Sartorio:   It's a compliment, it's really great, you have to know how to enjoy it. Sometimes you don't know how to enjoy those things, you are maneuvering in the middle of so much maelstrom that you don't enjoy them. That is why now I sincerely prefer to live harder than ever hard day to day remembering certain issues of when we start and what destiny today allows us to carry out. We are grateful for others with everything that is happening to us, it is not a miracle, it is probably the fruit of everything we came laburating and now things are happening with greater intensity.




  Does being the opening act of The Rolling Stones mark a before and after in an artist's career? You in February 2016 experienced that shocking situation.  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Yeah, I don't know if one will point out that “nothing is going to be the same,” but naturally you'll find another question that's inevitable, like “Who can we touch or know that surprises you? ”. Obviously there are a lot of people, lots of people, that I know, I name you AC/DC, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Roger Waters, but the Rolling Stones for us are the biggest of all. Maybe Paul Mc Cartney can be an equivalent of all that, but we must not forget that something really cool happened to us either. They called us to open up to the Guns And Roses and The Who, that night they played together at the Estadio Único de La Plata, it was a memorable double concert recital in that city, now I remember it and I swear very honest, that I get goosebumps when I remember it. On top of playing in places where we never imagine.


  At the time there was a rumor or information indicating that a certain audience following the group “Callejeros” in recent years would have been giving them quorum in the recitals they came offering before the pandemic. What is true with that information that constantly appears?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Maybe, that was said at first when we started with this group, you see? I don't think it was on a rock show, so many family, so many people looked, obviously we should have a full audience, not that if you're going to see Boca, you're not going to see River. I found t-shirts from heavy metal bands, people who when I went to visit Abel Pintos, their fans greeted me as if we had to see. We share public with everyone, it's that simple.


  Do you feel that music in your life had a totally healing effect after certain very difficult situations that you had to face personally because of family issues?  

  Rolo Sartorio:   Yes, in that sense I'm living a tranquility that at the time I didn't have, lived at an incredible speed, with electricity at 380. Now in the day to day I watch the game and watch everything clearly, I enjoy more than what is happening to us, it is also tiring. I'm very familiar, I like to be with the family, with the boys, the day I lose that's all over, because it doesn't make sense, family is the biggest thing there is, it's invaluable. But that time was very hard, I lost in a very short period of time my sisters Mariana and Marcela, the cancer took them both. When all that hit me, I had to take an introspective trip and from all that came the idea of making a book that published at the time Editorial Planeta. Quite contrary to what everyone could think at that time, it wasn't hard for me to remember all that happened in that narrow span of time, but there were times when yes, maybe they moved me because they're not the ones you want to remember, but avoid because they were difficult times. But it didn't cost me, really didn't.

Publication Date: 26/03/2021

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