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Counting things about life, I inoculated a different way of appreciating folklore.


I was 14 or so when I discovered  Larralde . Counting things about life, I inoculated a different way of appreciating   folklore  .

Born in 1937 in the Pamppean village of Huanguelen,  José Teodoro Larralde Saad , as a young age, already wrote verses of critical content. He was a mason, mechanic and rural pawn. Admirer of  Jorge Cafrune , one day he showed him his verses and  Cafrune sent him to see Hernán Figueroa Reyes on CBS, who added two songs of him on the Cafrune LP.

In 1967,  Cafrune  invited him to play some songs in his  recital  , then Larralde presents “Herencia para un sonjo gaucho”. Among the public, there were executives of the RCA, who automatically hire him to record.

According to my limited knowledge and very particular taste, I think that together with   Martín Fierro   are two treatises, which analyzed carefully, they have simplicity as it should be and live.

Accompanied by an impeccable  guitar  , he says things like: “Sin has been invented and what is it? , pa' locate four words that are, that is not done” or “It is easy to look up when the bottom was not, the owl by ojudo, observes from the wire, but it will kill hunger to the cave of the furry” or “There is no being that has more strength than the one who works honestly, do not implore if ever injustice mistreats him. The reason, even if he walks on legs, walks with hauthiness.”

Definitely a chosen one, definitely an irreplaceable, definitely a PRIMUS INTER PAIRS.

Publication Date: 10/07/2018

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