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Peter Pan in the country of Neverland

After death, we hopelessly become better people.


After death, we hopelessly become better people. No one can be so thankless as to remember the sins of a deceased, much less if that deceased did some good things along the way. And, if the dead man was famous and admired in life, his transformation into  myth  is practically inevitable.

Added to this, the circumstances of the deaths of certain people bring even more  mystical  to the figure that they used to be in life. If someone dies of old age, or from a long illness — like most of us are going to die — it doesn't have the same effect as a terrible accident or an unexpected death.

 Gustavo Cerati , for example, delayed his own death four years. He was in reverse limbo, when we all waited for the miracle that would bring him back to life, while we analyzed his lyrics for premonitory signs of his return.

He was gone, but he wasn't completely gone. It was simultaneous presence and absence. Dissociated body and soul. Present and eternity. Earth and sky. Science and esotericism.  Peter Pan  in the land of Neverland.

 Cerati  went down a different, unexpected path. He left little by little, in suspense. And when he left definitely, he grew up, rose. He finally flew through the city of fury.

 Up the sun 

 Down the reflection 

 See how my soul explodes 

 You are here 

 And the step we took 

 is cause and effect 

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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