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Artificial paradises

Back to the recitals of the ´ where everything, musically speaking, was healthier, it's impossible.

Artificial paradises, colored lights, blue unicorns? No. Electronic parties. I remember going to a recital was listening to music and seeing your idols up close and personal; not listening to them through a plastic spinning on an electric device. I remember that people were, although mixed, perfectly segmented and easily identifiable. Those who did not drink or smoke anything and only listened to music ("masks" in the jargon of the time), those who drank and smoked something (usually sitting in groups and quiet), and sought fame, dumb beings with little personality and little brain. They would get together to shout and jump, not letting you listen, or they would push each other like monkeys (genesis of the pogo); for them, going to a recital was like an Amazon expedition and they felt like heroes with their hippie costumes bought on Avenida Cabildo or Avenida Santa Fe (finoli places, at the time). I remember that there were only yerba mate, acids or a limited number of pickups and that they were not enough to listen to music. The cocaine was in the creme de la creme, it didn't spill on the lower layers. Ecstasy didn't exist. In short, with its exceptions, it was more collous than now, where you find an electronic Time Warp in Costa Salguero, one of the so-called "joditas" where five kids die for taking the Rolas, Barts, Delfines, Femmes, Play Boys, Rolex. Almost all PMMA, which is false and deadly ecstasy. It takes time to take effect and then they ingest more, and when they want to stop it, it's too late. There is also the Crystal (pure ecstasy); it is expensive and lasts for hours and is usually taken in groups. The prosecutor Federico Delgado, based on what was kidnapped in the garbage cans, the vip and what was investigated (it seems that he touched someone heavy) is removed from the case along with Judge Casanello. Back to the recitals of the ´ where everything, musically speaking, was healthier, it's impossible. Stop the poison they're selling now, too, it seems. Then another one who shoots and hits; let the kids continue to die and the delinquents continue to fill up with money.

Publication Date: 20/08/2018

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