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Naranjo en flor: the most sung tango

Joint creation of two brothers, Naranjo en flor is one of the most emblematic themes of our tango. We tell you his story.

Joint creation of two brothers,  Naranjo en flor  is one of the most emblematic themes of our tango. The lyrics were performed by  Homero Expósito  and music by his brother  Virgilio  . The performances he had were many, but without a doubt the most famous was that of the great   Roberto Goyeneche . 

In  1944 , the Expósito brothers composed the song. That same year,   Aníbal Troilo premiered it   with Floreal Ruiz. The work was not easy: the versification and images of  Naranjo en bloom  were not the usual ones in tango, so it was hard for them to find the right tone. During the same year, it was also recorded by Pedro Laurenz's orchestra with the voice of Jorge Linares and Enrique Rodríguez with singer Armando Moreno.

Over the decades, the theme was taken up by several artists from the most diverse genres: Juan Carlos Baglietto, Bajofondo, Claudio Bergé, Andrés Calamaro, Cacho Castaña, Dyango, Guillermo Fernández, María Garay, María Graña, Jairo, Aníbal Jaule, Rubén Juá; rez, Patricia Lasala, Raúl Lavié, You will not like, Reynaldo Martin, Leo Masliah, Gustavo Nocetti, Alberto Podestá, Graciela Susana, Nelly Vazquez and Susana Rinaldi, among others.

What makes  Naranjo en bloom so special ?

It is a   tango  , of course, and one of the most characteristic. However, it does not return to the typical places of the genre. His lyrics don't talk about the neighborhood, the corner, the little buddy. Talk about the water, the grove, the flower, the river. It preserves, however, the  melancholy  so typical of this music:

It was softer than water

than soft water


It was cooler than the river,

orange in bloom.

And on that street of estío,

lost street,

he left a piece of life

and left.

First you have to know how to suffer,

then love, then leave

and finally walk without thought.

Orange tree perfume in bloom,

vain promises of a love

that escaped in the wind.

Then what does it matter about the afterwards

All my life is yesterday

that stops me in the past

Eternal and old youth

that has left me cowarded

like a bird without light.

What will my hands have done


him. What will they have done to him,

to leave me in my chest

so much pain.

Old grove pain,

corner song,

with a piece of life,

orange in bloom.

Homer Exposito/Virgilio Exposito

Rating: 3.00/5.