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“Our good things outweigh the bad”

Folklorist with a long career on stage in the country. A proud man for sustaining the Argentine values of always.


Interview with Eduardo Panto

“My grandfather played the greengrocer of the tanos” starts by telling anecdotes  Eduardo Pantuso  and will not stop anymore.  The long-time folklorist  on stage in the country, who knew how to accompany  Cacho Tirao and Argentino Luna  , acquired national relevance when his zamba to Cura Brochero accompanied the canonization promoted by   Pope Francis   and another zamba, now for the daughter of the governor of Salta,  Juan Manuel Urtubey , became a trend in the networks. “The humble people will leave you much more than the proud ones. One who left me a lot was the Turk - Jorge- Cafrune , who offered himself humbly to the people, very friend of my dad. Poor now who have no humility”, says who also elbred with great popular musicians such as  Sandro  and  Palito Ortega .

Knower of Argentine routes, who also participated in the   Cosquín Festival , notes with sadness that we have “a very competitive Argentina where you run to see who gets advantages. For now I don't see it reversed” says the merchant with a long performance in Buenos Aires politics, and inflates his chest saying that “I could move out of the neighborhood but never left here. My house is Floresta”, says  Eduardo , something we could see as soon as he walked us to the sidewalk and greeted him to the agent on the corner.

“To my children having the opportunity to give much more, I give much less. And that way they know what life costs. You can't give children what you didn't have. It is a mistake for us as parents to give them tastes beyond our possibilities”, he reflects on the barbershop of one of his children with the  gaze  of a man proud to hold the Argentine values of his time.

Publication Date: 16/10/2018

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