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Noelia Moalla was the winner of the contest “La canción Argentina 2020”

With the theme “If you are going”, the famaillense represented the province of Tucumán, in a competition where artists from all over the country participated.

 Tucumana  singer Noelia Moalla  won the first prize of the national contest “La Canción Argentina 2020” with her song “Si tú te vas”. Of all the songs available at the country level, this song scored 83 points and became voters' favorite. It should be emphasized that, at the preliminary stage, the young woman had obtained 44 votes of confidence.

With regard to the voting on the issues that represented each province, it began on December 19 and ended on the 26th of the same month with the publication of the results.

 “ If you go” 

This pop song is part of the EP de la tucumana and was released in late 2019. As for the video clip it was recorded in October last year and from there it is available on the YouTube  platform  .

In this way, the composition and video of his authorship became the audience's favorite, reaping 44 points, while the jury awarded him 39, achieving the best score of the night and becoming the famaillense winner of the new edition of La Canción Argentina 2020.

It should be noted that the song with a  tucumano  accent was recorded in early 2020 through the music publishing house ACV Folklore, and is one of the three themes of the EP production: “Todo por tí ”, made up of “Your return to my life”, also “It is impossible” and “If you go”. Then the Tucumans were able to enjoy the covers “I do not ask you the moon”, and the reversal of the quartet “In September”. It was also known that the material was mastered at MondiEU Estudio under the direction of Pablo Lagarde, and was later released on all digital platforms.

The video “Si tu te vas” was recorded in urban locations in San Miguel de Tucumán in October 2020 and featured the collaboration of Carolina Bloise and Juampi Porolo. As for music, Mariano Lazarte was in charge on keyboard, Mariano Araya on guitar, Mariano Ramos on bass, and Alexis Nieva on drums.

In this way, the tucumana  Noelia Moalla  fulfilled what was promised, to represent in the best way the province of Tucumán, and thus closed with a smile and great emotion an atypical year, crowning with the first prize of the national contest: “La Canción Argentina 2020” with its theme “If you go”.

With 83 points, the favorite of the audience who gave her 44 points in the online poll, third in the jury vote with 39, the famaillense artist was crowned as the big winner of this eighth edition of La Canción Argentina, adding the second win for her province, so she announced it from her p& aacute; page web.

 About Noelia Molalla 

The Tucumana artist, born in Famaillá is a singer, author and songwriter. He has a sweet voice, and performs ballads of his authorship where he interprets stories of love and heartbreak.

He began to venture into the music world at the age of 15; he founded his band “La Bemol”, along with his cousin, and during his formation he has participated in different festivals.

In 2014 he began his solo career and since that year does not lose opportunity to perform in different competitions. During that time he went to the conservatory to train musically in the city of  Concepción  and is currently studying at the School of Popular Art in Monteros.

Noelia Moalla recorded her songs through the music publishing house ACV Folklore: “Tu regreso a mi vida”, “It is impossible” and “Si tu te vas” of the pop genre.

The song “Si tu te vas” is part of his first single recently released and whose video premiered last October, was selected because it scored the highest score of a hundred participants from the province of Tucumán to compete nationally for “La Canción Argentina” 2020”.

Rating: 4.00/5.