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No one is perfect and this band knows it

No one is perfect, it is the chorus of the most famous song of this Cordovan band... have you guessed what group it is about? And what song?


  “Face e' pipe”   not only is it an expression that Cordobeses constantly use to ask us. It is also the name of   hitazo   of this   cordobeses band   who breaks it to   national and international levels.   It's about   The Caligaris   , the band that appears in every carnival carioca. And especially with the refrain that both (and us) identifies:

  “no one is perfect,  

  no one is perfect.  

  Everything that goes up low  

  and not everything that goes down”  

This band   began to join in 1997   to rehearse as a group of friends. They experimented doing   unique musical recipes.   The result: hybrid compositions that mix all rhythms and transform them into one.   The Caligaris were born in Córdoba   and they were becoming their local audience. Are   the star band   at all festivals. They are the ones looking forward to each recital. It is that this band knows how to combine perfectly   circus, humor and music.   So their shows are unique. The Cali appear in disguise, make-up, putting on   the whole wave. Shaking   with your fusion music that goes   from rock to the cordovan quartet   .


  Everything is worth  

  The Caligaris are the wild card of the party   . They go for all audiences: children, big ones, quarteteters and rockers come together in this passion. This band has a track record and is unique in their performance. No one like them for   make us laugh and dance at the same time.   No one better than them to make us scream in unison: no one is perfect. This Cordovan band is the   provincial pride.   They have 10 albums and an EP edited. They were nominated on three occasions for the   Carlos Gardel awards from Argentina.   Do you want more? The Konex Foundation chose them   among the top 100 artists   of the decade.

The name chosen by the band goes back to   a circus legend   born in the “Circus de los Hermanos Muñoz”. It was told out there that   the famous clown “Caligari”   died in the middle of the scene. As he developed his routine, between the turns and flips, the clown   passed away.   And he concealed the agony as if it were part of his act. Hence, “The Caligaris” choose the name and become   on the flag of all Cordobés.  


Image: Los Caligaris

Publication Date: 13/05/2020

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