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Néstor Marconi: “I dedicated myself to playing for my thing”

The bandoneonist and composer is one of the great references of tango.

Néstor Marconi

Bandoneonist and composer  Néstor Marconi , one of the great references of tango, offered a free concert on Sunday at La Usina del Arte, which marked the end of a cycle performed in tribute to his career and which for him means “a prize to my struggle and not to lower his arms.”
“ Despite the problems and the troubles, I always sought to do things, perhaps this is a recognition of that struggle,” said Néstor Marconi, who was born in 1942 in Rosario, and at the age of 19 he traveled to Buenos Aires to integrate José Basso's orchestra in the early 1960s, which marked the beginning of a long romance with tango that continues until today.
“ I try to do the way I feel to gender. I was walking what I thought was a road that opened for us by Ástor Piazzolla. I always tried to be more honest with what opened us all, different possibilities to do about tango, putting each one our own,” said Néstor Marconi.
After having performed in three formats at La Usina -quintet, duos and trios-, the instrumentalist and arranger will complete the cycle “Grandmasters” -inaugurated by the same - with a concert that will contemplate its different stages. “It will be varied, let's play a repertoire that includes Piazzolla's themes, classics like 'Fuos', Dames and Manzi, and some pieces of mine,” he said.

Regarding how he lived these concerts in his homage, Marconi said that he was very well received and very warmly by the people. “Many young people, adults and old came, the fact that admission is free gives the possibility that everyone can come to listen to music, there are not so many places where tango can be heard and those there are are very expensive.”
In a sort of review of his history with music, Marconi said that for a long time “I dedicated myself to playing for my thing, since the 70 I started not to depend on any orchestra”.
“ I entered through the big door, with less than 20 years old I entered the Basso orchestra, which worked a lot, every day, in places like Marabú or Maipo,” he evoked.

A few years later he separated from the orchestra to dedicate himself to playing as the only bandoneon and with musicians such as Osvaldo Manzi and Lito Scarso, as well as going on tour with the ballet of Juan Carlos Copes. In 1970 he joined the sextet of Enrique Mario Francini, and then founded Vanguatrío with Héctor Console and Horacio Valente.
In Caño 14, porteño redoubt del tango, he played with several bands, such as the orchestras by Héctor Stamponi, Pepe Basso, Atilio Stampone and the Polish band Goyeneche, who was his great friend.
“ Troilo, Copes, Goyeneche performed in Caño 14. Ruben Juarez opened the night. I was with Enrique Francini, and the queue to enter the second show was already around the corner. People saw all these musicians,” he recalled.

In the 1970s he played with different bands in countries such as Japan and Sweden, where he inaugurated the tango market, and in the 80's he became a stable musician at Café Homero. In the 1980s he toured several European countries, to join the international classical music circuit in the 1990s, performing pieces of the repertoire for bandoneon and orchestra as soloist.

T: How do you live the fact of being a reference for the youngest?
Néstor Marconi: It's something that commits you to renew yourself, to stay at a level that made you reach those people. The way to thank is by giving him all the energies one can, as if it were the first day. I advise young people to look for themselves, infected by the great musicians who have already passed, trying to do things their own way, without imitating.
T: It can be said that over the years you found a sound of your own.
NM: It's me as I speak, as a way, it looks like everything I do.
T: How would you define this present at a professional level?
NM: I feel good, wanting to compose and orchestrate, working quite even though the fight is hard, I love the fight while I health. Now there are not so many jobs in Europe, but I'm working on a new album.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 21/04/2019

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