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Nahuel Pennisi: “I want to publish my third album shortly”

The talented young non-seer musician has his third solo album ready and does not want to delay editing it. Exclusive interview part 2.


Since April, the record labels modified their map of editions, given the reluctance of many  artists  who consider it unproductive to launch their works in the current health situation. In this regard and during an extensive talk with,   musician  Nahuel Pennisi opposed this position, justifying the decision on fair and reasons.

Nahuel Pennisi

 What situation is your third solo album in? 

I have 12 songs ready, I had some luck because the pandemic and quarantine found me with all the recorded material, only missing to mix three songs already recorded. In April I spoke to producer Julio Reyes and in that meantime we did the mixes at a  distance . We sent each other emails and we corrected the fine details, Julio was in Miami with the session open with all channels. He threw mixes and sent them to me in MP3, I corrected them to adjust everything, the album really went very well.

 How do you live the circumstance of having the album ready in this special situation? 

I'm very happy and happy, wanting to release the album as soon as possible, I want to get it out now. Many artists at the moment have decided to postpone the release of their albums when all this is over. I feel like people need new music, other air, get all the contracture out of so much stress and  uncertainty  there is. That's why I want to get him out now, but we'll have to wait until everything gets better to defend him live. As long as I want people to know him, I'm not going to lie to you.

Nahuel Pennisi

 Did you define the title of your new work? 

These days we'll finish defining it, I'm not hiding it like everyone usually does (laughter). I intend to make the title a single word, as happened with my previous albums (“ Primavera ” and “  Happy”), to keep the line of previous publications. When I finished recording it still didn't have the title, I was recording several things in Lerner's studio (“El Pie”), I was with the band recording certain things and the title was pending.

 In the middle of this recording, you were a father for the first time. How do you live it?  

It was a wonderful thing, it's a very strong incentive that pushes everything I'm now living now. Imagine Mateo is a year old, walks, talks and plays, it's so exciting because I feel like he's a little bit of mine, you see? The relationship is obviously very deep, it gives me a lot of strength to do all things. I thought  quarantine  was going to be a terrible thing, that I was going to be standing for a long time, however, I started to come up with ideas, there the father spirit helped me a lot and I'm doing a lot of things. with him.

 Did Matthew's arrival awaken your desire to compose something to him? 

Look, Mateo, I'm doing a couple of songs, I've got them here at home, but I don't know if they're gonna get on the record. I was learning to know him with the passage of time, surely it helped me a lot is when it comes to interpreting the songs, many songs on the album are very deep things, songs that talk about family ties and everyday things. When you become a father you start to really see life differently, to sing with another maturity, to express it in another way, it's like climbing a step in all things.


Publication Date: 18/11/2020

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