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Nahuel Pennisi: “I use the quarantine to enjoy my first child”

The ascending folk singer-songwriter has been in Tucumán since March with his family, awaiting the edition of his third solo album. Exclusive interview, part 1.

After several seasons of professional hyperactivity, the current quarantine found musician  Nahuel Pennisi  with his family in  Tucumán , where his wife is home. The young musician's plans are naturally upset by the pandemic and the consequent quarantine nationwide.

One of the artist's latest novelties was the publication of the single “Vuelve”, anticipation of his third solo album, a material without definitive title yet. As part of a promotional map of notes for this song, Nahuel Penissi spoke alone with , a talk in which he analyzed his professional reality and the unprecedented health problem around the world.

 How did you live the unprecedented circumstance of launching a new topic in this quarantine?  

- Very happy and excited, trying to enjoy it with people, because it is a preview of the new  album . The quarantine came unexpectedly and we disaccommodated the roles, but we have to try to find him around and be creative to see how we do it this way. In this case, we decided to publish a song and we accompanied it with a nice video made from home, we are very happy about it.

 What changes did you experience with the arrival of compulsory social isolation? 

- What changed the most is the question of affections, the official announcement of the  quarantine  grabbed me here in Tucumán, where my son and my wife are from, therefore, I am taking advantage to be with them. It's quite longer than usual, imagine that on the schedule of a musician being three months in the family is something very unusual, a strange thing, I'm squeezing it to the fullest. I'm really enjoying my child's growth. This drives me in my everyday life, although I've never been far from my old or grandparents or brothers, I know that not much can be done about this situation and I miss them too.

 Did you consider processing a permit and travel to Buenos Aires?  

- No, I didn't do it because of a safety issue for my son, who is barely ten months old, obviously I would like to do it. I hope this can happen soon and people feel more relaxed. The truth is that this sacrifice we have to do it among all. Here in the city of Tucumán we are fine, quiet, there are not so many cases, we are already in Phase 5, with  open bars  and local attending to corrido.

 You lived an intense life in Capital. How did you make up for that in Tucuman? 

- I'm training, I like to train a lot, now I'm doing it with a person who helps me, I do it in the backyard that is big and cute. Every day I train here without stopping, occasionally I go out for a walk and run a little, I need to pull out the energy and release all things. Obviously I do it very carefully, using whisper, keeping all precautions. With the barbijo a little that I dress up and don't find out who I am (laughter).

 You released a new song before your third solo album. How did it come about? 

 - “Vuelve” is a song recorded at the same time that I released my second solo album “Feliz”. I was in  Miami  and met Julio Reyes, he showed me the song and we put it together, it's a different song, it's a ballad showing a love story that wasn't, it's another way of performing and singing.

 Is it true that the song wasn't in your original plans for your new album?  

- Originally the song was going to be published by Julio Reyes with his label, that was postponed and since he produced my third album, he released it for my album. This new work has several aspects, on the one hand, there is the popular music that always accompanies me, but on the other hand there are a series of more Latin  songs  with a more international air. It was clear that we balanced the two things a little, everything is embodied with my imprint to give it the identity that has been known.

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