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Music out of time (MFDT): fresh, ascending and well Argentine talents

Can you imagine a group of artists creating (totally lung) a startup that represents us as Argentines? Well, here we present them...


This platform for the development and accompaniment of new and ascending talents of Argentine electronic music, is generating constant growth and exposure. Through its digital releases, CDs and  showcases, he is presenting the country to frescoes, but powerful artists.

The need to show the national super fresh talent, which had material to express themselves, but had no place or space to expose it, gave birth to this project.

 The mission is clear: to follow up and support to develop a fresh national sound. 

The name says it all,   MFDT   means everything that implies the new and what is not yet trending, but it is reminiscent of the classic. Day by day many colleagues, followers, references of national culture, contribute to the project by disseminating it, sending their words of support or getting the material through the various media.

Here is a Spotify album where they will be able to listen to several artists who created material for the first cut:

They believe that it is a key pillar that these types of platforms are born for their development and evolution, feedback that gives Argentine culture firmness.

Although there are many artists that have been setting the course for years:  Franco Cinelli ,  Leonel Castillo ,  Andrés Zacco or  Jorge Savoretti  (to name just a few) all with remarkable development internationally. Other ascending artists who are taking that teaching from the previous ones to another level began to arrive such as  Nicolas Neik  or  Alan Castro  (from Bahía Blanca) or also,  Bodeler , Brandán and  Nacho Bolognani (native of Córdoba). This platform shows a lot of respect for the names mentioned above, as they generated a scene with Argentinian identity from the inside out.

 The biggest challenge they face is that the  nature of the project is independent and lacks funding to fully exploit all this new talent. The main help comes from the audience that supports this and spreads the word to reach more listeners, all this is done with a lot of love and a lot, but a lot of energy. Fostering national cultural growth with the aim of exporting it is not easy.


 “ Start without so much planning and correct the mistakes, there is no way to start the perfect plan why we will always have to perfect something else, the key is to throw yourself into the pool without knowing how much water is left and instead of filling it in the air, learning to fly. “

This will look like the CD that will be released this Friday 28 June with music by:
 Nektar Agu  (BA)
 Bielous  (BA)
 Prodot  (VCP)
 Desirée  (BA)
 Lautaro Scavuzzo  (ROS)
 Wagnest  (S.FE)
 Furz  (CBA)

They are preparing the  next releases  and connecting with means to exhibit them, at the same time they are receiving new material that is cured by producers.

Publication Date: 28/06/2019

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