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Meta tango and quarantine

We're looking for him around to meet us, even in the distance. Because the desire to dance does not cease and because tangos invite us to dance.

Tango y cuarentena

 In the middle of the pandemic   we look for him around  to continue to meet, despite the distance. Because, as good Argentines,  we don't give up  and keep our customs. In this case, the  37th National Tango Festival La Falda 2020  is celebrated the same. Of course: in a very special way. Every year, during the month of July, the city of La Falda  is musicallised in pure  tango. This festival is one of the most important in the  world , as  prestigious dancers participate.  The meeting consists of a dance contest to the rhythm of the genre that represents us. The surprising thing about this edition is that it will accompany us throughout the month,  in online format. 

 From our homes  we can enjoy the best tango classics  with performances by amazing artists. The event will be broadcast through  digital platforms,  as on other occasions. Since in this context,  the latest trend  is to  generate online days. In the province of Córdoba we adapt all our festive dates to a modern way and according to current needs. Respecting mandatory isolation and avoiding contact, we generate  moments of encounter and enjoyment.  Besides, staying at home doesn't mean we don't have a good time.

 During the whole month of July  , exclusive materials will be transmitted:  classes, seminars and competitions , as was the case in face-to-face editions. In addition, there are attractions such as  Expotango,  tributes to different popular references and interviews with outstanding figures from the  world of tango.  But that's not all: the milonga is not far behind. There will be dance circles for  2x4 enthusiasts.  That's no one left outside. This festival was always designed  for the whole family  and especially for  the argentos more tangueros  . Presentations of great personalities of this musical genre  are cherry dessert .   Local, national and international  references are present in this festive program of La Falda. Gala nights will be on July 24 and 25.

Tango for our identity

This  37th edition of the National Tango Festival La Falda  seeks to make our  popular and national culture visible.  In addition to connecting with the  transculturality that inhabits us  and  constitutes us as Argentines . Tango is a musical genre, a dance that emerged in the Rio de La Plata area and, from there, did not stop becoming popular. Until it becomes an  undeniable brand of identity . This rhythm that fills our heart has rioplatense, Hispanic, African, Italian and more roots, because, according to several scholars, it is a cultural hybrid. This genus arises from a mixture between the  Gauchesca culture  and the enormous  ethnic diversity of immigrant waves  coming mainly from Europe,  but also from Africa . An orchestra suitable to play a tango must be made up of  various instruments and has variations. However, the bandoneon is almost always taken as a central instrument. In addition, violins, piano and double bass can also be presented. And, of course, each performer puts  his special touch on it,  since there are varieties of the genre. The lyrics that accompany these melodies are related to the problems of the heart . And in general they are stained with  the colors of nostalgia and passion. 

The musical meetings with tango  are special,  they have a special rite that builds our Argentinian, Latin American and Caribbean identity. It was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco at the request of the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. To learn all about Argentine and tanguera culture, you have to be part of this event. Enter the fan page National Tango Festival La Falda and live this experience from anywhere in the country.

Publication Date: 24/07/2020

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