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Melodies in the city

As in the major world capitals, in the City of Mendoza it is very common to walk around and meet live musicians.

melodía en la ciudad Mendoza

Like a violinist who plays Mozart in the streets of Berlin or a guitarist who plays Paul McCartney in the corners of London. The phenomenon is repeated in the City of Mendoza. Solo bands or musicians, with any type of element that generates a melody, are responsible for adding one more element of entertainment for passers-by.

Classic Rock

TheBanda Viajera, or Banda del Albino, due to the skin color of one of its members, is easy to detect it in the center. She's one of the most convoked. Composed by Ale Rodríguez (vocals and guitar), Diego Lorca (guitar and choirs), Gonzalo Gorando (drums and choirs) and Maxi Mirallas (albino bassist, who makes choirs), they perform with grace and precision The Beatles, Dire Straits and Creedence, among others, and play in the center three days a week.Because they're on the street ,they sometimes hire them for events and have a social rate.

The bins are not garbage.

It is common to see, in San Martín Street, a man sitting on a 20-litre plastic bucket surrounded by eight identical tanks (one of them has a sign that says: “The street is one of those who set it pace”), with a set of numerous keys that acts as a curtain and a PVC tube that replaces the didgeridoo (native Australian instrument).They're all called cotydiaphones. It's about making music with elements that aren't instruments. He calls himself Tachosonoro and made his appearance in the streets of the City of Mendoza in 2014.

4 x 2

Jesica Saavedra (32) and Horacio Sepúlveda (28) are responsible for reproducing a tango classic in some streets of the City and starting to move their bodies.She, in velvety embroidered dress that leaves bare her back, and he, in a chaplinesque gray suit, awaits her at thecorner of Sarmiento and San Martín. Thus, with the base bandoneon, the most classic melodies of the most legendary Argentine tangos begin to sound . An unparalleled attraction. Tourists and locals take out their cell phones and record a unique moment.

Publication Date: 13/07/2020

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