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Meet GA, Cutral Có's young musical promise

With a unique and eclectic imprint, GA releases its first album from Buenos Aires, but with the heart in Cutral Có

Ga Giambelluca

Gabriela Giambelluca is a native of  Cutral Có  and  one of the most promising artists of  Neuquen  . GA lives in Buenos Aires, where he formed a family and in 2020 released his first album   Ola  , with 8 songs and 23 minutes.  The Giambelluca family is known in the village for their musical evenings , so the influence was always.

Is there any concept going through your album?

I think what underlies the album is  movement and change . When I hear the passing of the songs, I realize that  each one has a sound, stylistic world of its own . To go through OLA, for me, is to enter those curves, inhabit them.

What would you like to happen in the people who listen to it?

It really impacts me  to think that it can move someone who is listening at home, and that someone sharing it with the people they could resonate with, seems immense to me . The word of mouth is very strong and I wonder how crazy connections are generated all the time.  A little the record is throwing a stone in the water to see what echoes it brings. 

What does music mean for you?

 Music  connects   me with emotion , non-stop. It is the place that  generates eternal curiosity because in my daily life I find myself looking for music  that moves me; whenever something appears that shakes me  , I feel a satisfaction and a pleasure that do not compare to anything else. way to link me with the outside .

Since I compose more seriously,  it became a therapeutic space.  A few years ago composing gives me answers that I didn't have or space to express “the unspeakable”. Adding melody to something I wrote and it was hanging around in my head, it's part of the process.

What do you expect from the future as music?

In the more immediate future,  I want to put together a band, rehearse the music on the album, be able to play it live, keep writing and doing . I wish I could exercise and listen to original live music.
Then,  always grow up and play with others, that feeds me and wakes me up. 

We are living a time of more attention to social inequalities, the rapprochement between bodies, to gender and environmental issues. Does this influence your composition?

Obviously those issues  go through me in the day to day and I occupy my mind and body, but when composing it still costs me a lot to be rational/intellectua l; sure all that reflection sneaks into the songs, but when it comes to writing I'm almost always taken more by the emocic...oacute; n that for something else. It's funny, sometimes after a long time I have encountered grammatical errors and inconsistencies that at the time of composition I missed.

Do you have any favorite time of the day to compose?

 I really like the morning because I feel clear and without so much noise in my head . I also have a lot of energy and I feel that there is something from the night that extends into the morning so what comes out is always more dreamlike.

What do you like most about returning to Neuquén?

See my  family  and watch the sunsets in the countryside.

The album OLA by Ga, is now available on Spotify and YouTube.

Publication Date: 07/01/2021

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