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Marciano found that beautiful illusion

“Where was that beautiful illusion now?” So says the chorus of the song Los Enanitos Verdes. Her singer found her and she got married.


Suffice it to say that one of his songs,  “Lamento Boliviano”,   is the most listened to on Spotify , among all national rock songs. It has over  192 million views  and that is enough to take magnitude of the enormous quality of  Los Enanitos Verdes . They have  more than 40 years of experience  and will continue to go more around the sun. Defined this, we need to be extended in the title of this article. Surely, especially if you're from the 80's, those words sound a little to you. It is that it is one of their most famous songs, where  they talk about a beautiful illusion that they do not know where it has been. We tell you what it is, who it was directed to and what happened after 30 years. 

The song is called  “Your Old Letters.”  If you want to listen to it again or for the first time, we leave you the video. The truth is that, in one of the stanzas, Marciano Cantero, leader and singer of the band, says:  “And where was, now, that beautiful illusion of giving you the best of my love?”.  That's the refrain. However, in the first verse, he confesses:  “I was reading your old letters where you were talking about love.”  

Surely, many fans will have thought that this was one more, fictional story. It describes a very common situation in the life of any human being who has gone through a process of infatuation. Reading old letters, old  WhatsApp  or looking at Instagram photos is still done until today. However,  Marciano confessed a few days ago that the story of “Your Old Letters” is totally real. 

The song was released on the  1986 albumContrarreloj . By that date, Los Enanitos had already taken off.  They were already building their career in  Buenos Aires  and encouraging themselves to other destinations in South America.  And the theme came as a balm for Marciano, honoring Gustavo Cerati's phrase, “Put on sad songs to feel better.” Well, in this case, it would be “write sad songs to make you feel better.” It is that the subject refers to the letters Viviana kept writing to the singer of Los Enanitos . They had met in 1981, in Mendoza, and had started a relationship. However, in 1984 they did very well at the Festival de La Falda and, from that moment,  Marciano and Viviana were never seen again.  

 The reunion 

In 2018, yes,  more than 30 years later, Marciano returned to his native Mendoza and there was the long-awaited reunion.  The leader of the band had found that beautiful illusion. In 2019  they married  and love triumphed.

However, far from staying together for the rest of their lives, the Dwarfs have planned, with 40 years of experience, to continue touring stages and cities across the continent, as they have done in their career. However, it seems that Viviana understands this and are willing to live a  love  in which, at times, they will be separated, but it will only serve to embrace themselves stronger each time they meet again.

Publication Date: 14/07/2020

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