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Luis Fernando Amaya, Cordovan icon

We tell you everything about Luis Fernando Amaya, a Cordovan character who marked the history of folklore with his singing and guitar.

Luis Fernando Amaya, ícono cordobés

He was born   on february 15   , under the sign of Aquarius. It was the year 1939, when   Luis Fernando Amaya   He was peeking his noses into this world. To fill it with   music and love   . Born in Las Varillas, like many of the great Cordovan stars. And settled in Rio Tercero for a long time. His passion began to be stoked early.

Since he was a child, his father made him participate in any rock or folk event.   Don Facundo Amaya   had a company of traditional events. Along with his set of guitars, he generated   dance and music events   . It was so that little Luis began by breaking the dance floor with his sister China. Then break the strings of his guitar to the rhythm of thousands of smiles and applause that gave everything to watch him play.

The Cordovan discovered his early passion, with his father, who taught him the first chords and introduced him   to your first love: the guitar   . With a solid foundation and different experiences, it began to be formed by   Eduardo Santos Gaitan   . From that moment on, Luis recognized   “viola” as a trade   . The little one spent the days and nights stuck to the instrument. He already played all genres and gradually expanded the repertoire. To the   11 years   his connection to music was already admirable.

  “There is one if there are two, no two without three”  

Between rehearsals, contacts, many temporary bands and a lot of love for their folklore of the heart, he spent his life. Until you get to conform   “Three for Folklore”   . Next to Lalo Homer and Chito Zeballos. This was a   iconic band for cordovan folklore   . Little by little, they were earning the place they still have today. The band was acclaimed by the public. Admired by the freshness of the genre, the   creativity and harmony   of this   perfect trio   . The Cordovan shared stages with great stars of the genre. And he toured much of the country with this dynamic trio, which kept throwing magic in the Argentine boxes.

The “Black Amaya” was an icon, not only for his skill, but for his innovation. For his time, it was a novelty to hear him play. It was the influence of many and the master of others. It was the   admiration of all   . During the   10 years he dedicated his life to folklore   , he sowed talents that he did not reap. Death reached him at 29 years of life, and he left this world, but he left his melodies.

Publication Date: 03/05/2020

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