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Luciano Pereyra thrilled at the festival of Jesus Mary

He reviewed classics such as “I can't forget”, “The one in the red dress” and “So, like this”, which were among the most acclaimed

Singer-songwriter  Luciano Pereyra  gave an emotional show on the third night of the 54th edition of the  National Festival of Dressage and  Folklore  of Jesus Mar&20 years after his first performance in this traditional Cordovan encounter,
in a full José Hernandez Amphitheatre the  musician  born in Luján came on stage
  before midnight and for an hour and a half fell in love with songs such as “I like”, “Without witnesses”, “Teach me to live without you”, “I will be”, “Chaupi heart” and “Let follow the dance”, among others.
In addition, the singer made a review of classics such as “I can't forget”, “The Red Dress” and “So, like this”, which were among the most acclaimed by the more than 10,000 people who came to  Jesús María 's enclosure.

 Pereyra  reminded  Horacio Guarani , with images on the giant screens and referring to its origins, as he mentioned that this time marks 20 years of his debut in this festival, and gave a glimpse of the importance of the singer, composer and writer who died in 2017 at the beginning of his career.

 Jesús María  's third night also featured the performance of  Lucho Arrieta, Bruna Monte, Los Duarte, Pachecos and Coco Gómez. 
Tonight, in addition to a new day of dressage,  Los Tekis will celebrate their 10 years at the festival, and will have as guests  Chano, La Barra, Kepianco, Jujeños, Maxi Gil, Banda Copada, Canto del Alma and Los who sing .

Source: Télam

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