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Los Siberians, pampean rock from Buenos Aires

The rock band from La Pampa stands out more and more in the Buenos Aires night.

The Argentine Pampa contains one of the most characteristic landscapes of our  country.In the imaginary of foreigners , when it comes to representing how Argentines live, it is very likely that the Pampas plain is the context in which we appear.   Images of gauchos walking on the vast plain  is also refloated by films and books. The imaginary before the  Pamppeano , if you want to make a chronological order, is that of the American Western. The  correlation between gauchos and cowboys is very simplistic, but it also denotes evidence .

 Los Siberians , a rock and roll band from Santa Rosa (capital of Pampas), sets on fire generic stereotypes and proclaims itself as a quartet of American guitars and melodies . In their bandcamp they have the legend “The Flying Burrito Brothers and Neil Young live together on the same podium with El Kinto, Leonardo Favio and Tanguito”. From this  eclecticism of bands, Siberian virtuosos emerge.  

The  name  of the band, strangely, was decided  at the last minute  by a friend close to the group. In their first show, they still did not have the definite label and had to choose between “Viejas del Agua” or “Los Siberians”; when they told their friend that they would be called Viejas del Agua, she made them  repent immediately by force of friendly bullying.   A  Siberian,  in  La Pampa , has a somewhat different meaning from the breed of dogs or the Gentilice of Siberia. It's nothing more and nothing less than  a way to call marijuana .

While the band sounds like the best garages do, their  start took place in squares more than five years ago . Joaquín Gonzalez (voice and electric guitar) and Tomás Cortina (acoustic guitar and vocals) were the first to join music. Ramiro Achiary (drums) and Julian Pico (bass and voice) were added to the trip. The four lived together at the time of meeting each other and  formed a brotherhood . In parallel, other bands of pampeans broke the schemes of the porteña night:  Knei and Las Sombras are comuns from Los Siberians , to the point that among the three  they share several of the musicians.  

So far, the gurpo has  an album released in 2018 and called Something yours . With ten songs inside, the album shows the range of  virtues that pampeans handle : from the composition of  stories that could quietly be a fiction (“My neighbor and his strange ways” - “La razaja”) to  rockandrolles neventeros   like “The Captain” and “Deserter”   passing by the “Gipsy” and “Best of All”  stokers  . To not fall short, the album came followed by three EP:  Lost among people  (2019);  Snow Buenos Aires  (cover of Ratones Paranoicos) and the latest release,  The Tragic Lie  (2020).

In the last time the band  grew exponentially, increasing their number of listeners and stages to play .  They also stepped on Uruguayan land  to give a handful of performances and told a Chilean media that their  greatest desire is to play in Europe.   Meanwhile, they are still working on their  next album, on which they will surely continue to rock  .

While the band is not easily encasillable in any particular genre, their riffs and melodies are a  faithful representation of how pampas rock  sounds.  

We leave you the lyrics of one of his first songs, “Gypsy”, more than suitable for cooking and together:

Adentrada into the woods

begins to tremble


She is afraid


meet once again

with that gypsy who made him a gualicho

can not control him

the gypsy made him a gualicho

now the smoke will chase her.

Gypsy gypsy

tell me where you're going!

gypsy gypsy

tell me where you are!

Don't ask his name

will destroy your will

and you'll be afraid to cross once again

with that bastard who made you a gualicho


can't control him


The damn guy made you a gualicho

and now the smoke will punish you

Gypsy gypsy

tell me where you're going!

gypsy gypsy

tell me where you are!

Rating: 4.00/5.