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Live folklore to pass the quarantine

The Abraham Sisters will give a live streaming show with the best of their repertoire. When? On which platform? Find out in this note.


 Quarantine makes us get the worst out of us  when we've exhausted all our hobbies. We listened to all the albums, we watched all the series and movies, and we put together every last puzzle of more than 2 thousand pieces.  We despair, we think we have nothing to do anymore, and it's just been a couple of days. But quiet. A dose of our more traditional musical genre  is not bad. That's what the  Abraham Sisters propose, with a live show.

With the  hashtag #showencasa , the leading artists of Mendoza folklore are promoting a  live touch that will be streamed, reviewing the best of their work.  Local artists are looking to give another fun to their fans, with the premise that we all stay home. The message on their social networks is as follows:

Hey, folks, how are you? Here, Marianela and Betiana, the Abraham Sisters.  We want to make an invitation for this Friday at 22.30,  because we're going to do something very nice. Let's do our  live streaming show, show at home, through our social networks, our YouTube channel: The Abraham Hermanas. You can search for them, subscribe and activate the bell. 

 We will also broadcast through our Facebook page  : The Abraham Sisters .  And if not, they can also find us on Instagram as @las_hermanas_abraham.  That's where you'll be able to find our publications. So on Friday we're going to be with a streaming show for all of you. Think also, because  we're going to ask you to comment and ask us some topics so that, in the next show, we can do it.  We ask you to like our page, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. That's what we asked them as if it were the entrance to this show at home.  We're seeing each other! A huge, virtual kiss for all of you! Take care of yourself. I'm staying at home! 

Publication Date: 20/03/2020

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