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Let the orchestra ring!

The Neuquén Symphony Orchestra gathered through the screen to delight us with its music while we stayed at home.


The Symphony Orchestra of the Neuquins delights from the screen   . There is no quarantine that stops the passion and desire of this provincial orchestra to continue to make quality music!   In order to share their work with a now digital audience, the musicians who make up this training decided to start recording   music videos   .

The   director   of this Symphony,   Andres Tolcachir   , ensures that   music shows from home   they were somewhat unthinkable months ago. They had a loaded agenda for this 2020, which was affected by current circumstances. Therefore, they decided to record quality audiovisual material and innovate in these new digital formats.

  And the pandemic also had an impact on cultural consumption!   Today changes make themselves felt, even in forms of entertainment and in ways of sharing. The musical expression was no exception, and   artists and musicians from the world had to reinvent themselves.  

  The first production of many  

The first online production of the   Symphony of the Neuquins   had as its central work   Anthem of the Province of Neuquén   . There they could be seen together, but separated, everyone playing an instrument from home. The special and musical tribute went to the official song of the province they represent.

Subsequently, they incorporated   didactic concerts   , as part of a tradition they intended to preserve. The musicians, the director and technicians of the Banco Provincia Foundation took this project to bring the materials to each home. For this, they turned to all possible media: TV, social networks, online radio and other internet platforms.

Master Andrés Tolcachir, conductor of the Orchestra, recognizes that it is a great pleasure for them to delight society with their music. It is a vitamin for the soul in times of change and uncertainty! Therefore, and taking up their mission as a group, they decided to participate in this new social development with their music of excellence.

Currently, they are working on   a project   which they call “Didactic Concert”. The idea is   replace a proposal   that they were performing in a way   face-to-face, by 15 virtual videos   that they're producing. In them, you will be able to see each of the   members of the orchestra providing a mini didactic class on the execution and possibilities of the instrument   who plays. In this way, we can all enjoy week after week a video   premiere through social networks   the Cinema Teatro Español in Neuquén and the BPN Foundation, which sponsors them.

Publication Date: 07/06/2020

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