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León Gieco: versatility and struggle

One of the pillars of our rock, León Gieco always allowed himself to experiment with different musical styles. Our tribute to an unparalleled artist.


Raúl Alberto Antonio Gieco was born, but for more than 40 years we have known him as   León Gieco  . He is one of the most important musicians in our country, since he combines two of the most important genres in Argentina:   rock  and  folklore . 

To that, he adds songs with lyrics that talk about the forgotten ones:  León Gieco  doesn't shut up anything. Social and political issues, in favor of human rights, peasants,  indigenous peoples , the disabled and the marginalized of all kinds. Perhaps that is why, in the 1970s, he was forced into  exile  by the dictatorship that ruled the country and wanted to keep his voice quiet.

He arrived in the   United States   in the late '70s. There, he joined with   Gustavo Santaolalla  , who had produced his debut album — León Gieco  (1973) —. They recorded songs for  Pensenser en nada  (1981), an album that would mark their triumphal return to Argentina.

 León Gieco  never set limits: he was always a versatile artist who allowed himself to experiment with various genres, such as cumbia villera, murga, pop, candombe and heavy metal. Throughout his career, he shared stage with great national and international artists: Mercedes Sosa, Sixto Palavecino, Sting, U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Silvio Rodríguez, Joan Manuel Serrat, Pablo Milanés, Peteco Carabajal and Ivan Lins, among others.

For everything that has been contributing to our music all this time, it is undoubtedly one of the pillars of  Argentine rock . Gieco songs are songs that you have to sit and listen carefully: their lyrics give voice to those who cannot speak and their music teaches us that the boundaries between styles are always diffuse. You can always go for more.

Publication Date: 20/11/2019

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