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Leave the covers

What happens when a band decides to leave the covers and look for their own melodies? The Neuquina band Playlist embraces a new project during the quarantine.

  Playlist is four years old and aims to pursue new challenges within rock-pop.   The band consists of Fernando Garayalde (piano and vocals), Walter Kummerlen (guitar and sax), Fernando Guiñez (drums and vocals), Gustavo Bouzo (bass) and Mariela Teplitzky (vocals).   Their story has been largely defined by the previous band they made up, Bonus Track.  

Bonus Track was, eminently, “a work band.” Those that allowed successive shows and brought food to the table. They have mutated to Playlist with only one need: create, aim to put together a show with their own themes. But these changes are not easily given.

  At the moment, his list of themes is a selection of successes from previous decades. How to finally drop the covers?   The truth is that deciding to travel their own path has not been easy, but they don't want to be left on them either. These musicians have years of experience in the field and somehow this has made it difficult for them to take the next step. So much experience has also meant having many prejudices about their own works (ignorance is a blessing, as they say).

But have decided that quarantine time   it's an opportunity.   Coincidentally, in Japanese, the word   crisis   is composed the ideographic characters “danger” and “opportunity” Isn't that wonderful?   And, in social isolation, the five have found the time and put the effort for this dream that they have pending.   They are rehearsing through video calls and producing videos with covers, looking in these small steps, in each sound test, security for the next steps.   Good luck, Playlist.   We're listening.

Rating: 0/5.