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The second edition of the Chúcaro Awards for native dances was launched

The initiative aims to promote the professionalization of choreographic folk art.

Premios chucaro

The  second edition of the Chúcaro Awards , an initiative by  Ricky Pashkus to promote and encourage the professionalization of choreographic folk art and to value artistic samples inspired by its roots, will be redeployed in its regional and regional stages. national awards to award a total of eight distinctions.

The awards that were in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Santiago Ayala, better known as “El Chúcaro” , outstanding Argentine dancer and choreographer, will start from a selection that emerged from seven regions.

In the  Catamarca region ,  Tucumán ,  Jujuy and   Salta  , the delegate is Elma Diosques and the jury is include Jonathan Moyano (Salta), Victor Aybar (Catamarca), Adrián D'Elía (Tucumán) and Gustavo Aybar (Jujuy); while in  Santiago del Estero ,
 Chaco and  Formosa , the delegate is Andrea Fernández and the jurors Aldo Ramírez (Chaco), Mariana Mendoza (Formosa), Pablo Sabalza (Santiago del Estero).
In Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis and La Rioja the delegate is Marcelo Palacio and the jurors Jazmín Chalom (San Luis), Maria Claudia Sosa ( Mendoza ), Andrea Martínez (San Juan), Lucia Sanchez (La Rioja); and  Entre Rios ,  Misiones and  Corrientes  the delegate is Karina Rojas and the jurors Luis Stivala (Misiones), Cristian Lescano (Entre Ríos), Carlos Centurion (Corrientes).

In Santa Fe, Córdoba and  La Pampa  the delegate is Gustavo Leymon and the jurors Gonzalo Perez (La Pampa), Ernesto Díaz (Córdoba), Maximiliano Faraoni (Santa Fe); and in Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Neuquén, Tierra del Fuego the delegate is Daniel Uribe and the jurors Ilse Espinosa (Santa Cruz), Florencia Díaz (Río Negro), Soledad Kerbage (Chubut), Santiago Soto Villarroel (Tierra del Fuego) and Débora Soto (Neuquén)
Finally, the region comprising Buenos Aires and the City of Buenos Aires is delegate to Maria Zonni and the jurors are Jorge Caballero, Marisa Ruiz Díaz and Agustina Vigil.

The finals planned for the award are dancer, dance couple, dance group, choreography, costumes, musicalization and show and lauros will be delivered in a gala with broadcast of Argentine Public Television that will lead Diego Corán Oria and Maia Mr. Sasovsky.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 22/05/2019

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