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La Patagonia Rebelde

Ariel Arroyo, a musician whose folklore exhumes Patagonian identity, presented his video clip “La Patagonia Rebelde”. We'll tell you what it's all about.


the south death portends

over the border, its curse

The wind cuts barbed wire

galloping in flight prisoner of fear

When a response of bullets

buries the strike at the foot of a coirón.

The Rebel Patagonia, by Ariel Arroyo

Ariel Arroyo was born on November 28, in the coal basin of the Río Turbio, southwest of the province of Santa Cruz. In April 2020 he presented his video clip on the theme “Patagonia Rebelde”. This song belongs to his album Al Sur del Cielo, from 2016, and the video features the participation of the late writer Osvaldo Bayer.

The video clip was made to lung. The singer didn't count with money to pay for its edition, so he did it, directed it, produced it and edited it himself. The first part of was filmed by Josefina Chevaliery; the rest of the video, with Juan Cruz Mansilla and Daniel Arroyo.

The filming begins with the singer arriving at Bayer's house, known as “The Slum”. As Ariel prepares to play, the author praises his song. Between returns, Bayer tells you about the dark episode of our Patagonia and you hear the recording that officiates as a foreword:

The Rebel Patagonia. 1921. Rural workers in Santa Cruz are on strike asking for improvements in work. They made so little . The English ranchers ask Yrigoyen to send the army to repress 1500 rural laborers shot. Facón Grande, Don José Font, when he was shot, shouted “That's how you don't kill a Creole”. There are the empty graves . But the memory remains forever.

The Rebel Patagonia.

Because Rebel Patagonia, also known as the “Tragic Patagonia”, is the name by which it is called the struggle of workers anarcho-syndicalists who, between 1920 and 1921, staged a strike in what was at that time the Patagonian National Territory. Violent repression is one of the deepest scars in the region.

The musician behind the song

It is

not surprising that Ariel has dedicated his creativity to this historic chapter: this singer's devotion to landscapes and Patagonian history is palpable in each of its lyrics, in each of its melodies.

His first album Al Sur del Cielo (AQCUA label) was declared of Cultural Interest by the Senate of the

Publication Date: 26/05/2020

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