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La Mona: the return

After several controversies, La Mona returns. We tell you all the details of how the quartet world begins to move again.


In Cordoba   the pritiado is the sacred drink   , the songs of   quartet our prayer   and   The Mona our god.   That is why La Mona's return to the world of   music production   is a hope for the quarteapot activity. And for the Cordovan population in general.

The quarantine had many implications in the   economic, social and cultural fields.   The pandemic swept many industries, especially the musical one. However,   little by little they are incorporating   all activities, and all the items give   a twist   to this context. Social isolation brought many consequences. Argentines, in addition to being concerned about obvious issues, such as the country's health and economy,   we have abstinence.   Abstinence from sharing the mate, hugging us and greeting us to kisses. Nostalgia for a past characterized by   the pampering and caresses,   because of the closeness and affectivity that characterizes us. But in the nation of Cordoba, we add one more abstinence: we are suffering   abstinence from the dance.  

Accustomed to going   from dance to dance,   during the week, weekend or whenever, quarantine snatched us   our ritual.   However, and thanks to our quarteter idols, there were substitutions. Examples are #LaPepaHouse, Damián Córdoba and different local artists who joined   virtual proposals,   and they accompanied us. While it is not the same as   go to a sergeant,   It's a great consolation.

As it had to be,   The Mona didn't stay behind.   After the controversial layoffs to his band of musicians, he decided to continue producing. Yes. In the middle of the pandemic and quarantine. How? You're gonna find out here.

  A quartetetear has been said  

Streaming trials and practices were barely enabled,   La Mona was activated   . This star is   popular icon   It adapts to what comes. And he plans to keep producing anyway. This time, he   temazo   that they are going to leave is recorded in an unprecedented way: never seen before. Since the context is very particular. Permissions to perform musical activities, recordings and more,   allow up to 10 people   in the same space. However,   the singer continues to take care of himself with the initial prevention measures.   Just come together   from one musician at a time.   With fallow, distance, alcohol and all necessary precautions, the artist makes sure   take care to accompany us for many more years.  

For us, it's a relief to know that La Mona, despite the layoffs, is going to remain in the ring. And that, moreover,   the band did not completely disintegrate   , but they go back to work together. Just as they came with us   throughout all these years.   The great   CMJ   puts all the attitude to quarantine, and it uses these days of confinement to   compose new songs.   His inspiration is born from many things, among them, this obligatory distance served as a muse.

  No touch, but in contact  

Despite the context that forces us to   keep us apart,   Carlos remained in touch with all his followers. Also with his family and his musicians,   through networks.   Always putting it   wave, music and joy.   The great singer was worn throughout the quarantine with various looks and doing different activities. Sending messages and making themselves feel so close to their fans   as always.  

Not for nothing is one of the artists with   greater trajectory and call   from Argentina. La Mona Jimenez   not stop even in quarantine.   That's why today has   more than 90 recorded discs.   Because his creative spirit and his soul quarteapot have no rest. There is not a minute without producing the music that makes us happy today and will make us happy for life.

Big, Mona!

Publication Date: 07/07/2020

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