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La Mona: The Return

After several controversies, La Mona returns. We tell you all the details of how you start to move the world of the quartet again.


In Cordoba the pritiado is the sacred drink, the quartet songs our prayerand La Mona our god.Therefore, La Mona's return to the world of music production is a hope for the quartteapot activity . And for the population of Cordoba in general.

The quarantine had many economic, social and cultural implications. The pandemic devastated many industries, especially the musical industry . However, gradually all the activities are being incorporated , and all the items give a twistto this context. Social isolation brought many consequences. We Argentines, in addition to being concerned about obvious issues such as the country's health and economy , have abstinence.Abstinence from sharing the mate, from hugging and greeting each other to kissing . Nostalgia of a past characterized by pampering and caresses, by the closeness and affectivity that characterizes us. But in the nation of Córdoba, we add one more abstinence: we are suffering abstinence from dancing.

Used to going dancing to dancing, on weekdays, weekends or whenever, quarantine took away our ritual.However, thanks to our quartite idols, there were alternations . Some examples are #LaPepaHouse, Damián Córdoba and different local artists who joined virtual proposals, and accompanied us. While it's not the same as going to a sergeant, it's a great consolation.

As it had to be, La Mona was not left behind. After the controversial dismissals of her band of musicians, she decided to continue producing. Oh, yeah. In the middle of the pandemic and quarantine. Oh, how? You'll find out here.

To quatrate it has been said

As soon as rehearsals and streaming practices were enabled, La Mona was activated. This popular star and icon adapts to what comes. And he plans to keep producing anyway. This time, the song they're about to start is recorded in an unprecedented way: never seen before. Because the context is very particular. Permits to perform music activities, recordings and more allow up to 10 people in the same space. However, the singer continues to take care of himself with the initial preventive measures.He only joins one musician at a time.With chin, distance, alcohol and all the necessary precautions, the artist makes sure to take care of himself to accompany us for many more years.

For us, it's a relief to know that La Mona, despite the layoffs, is still in the arena. And that, moreover, the band did not completely disintegrate, but they returned to work together. Just as they came with us throughout all these years. The great CMJ puts his whole attitude to quarantine, and uses these days of confinement tocompose new songs.His inspiration is born from many things, among them, this obligatory distance served as a muse .

Tactile, but in touch

Despite the context that forces us to stay apart, Carlos remained in touch with all his followers. Also with his family and with his musicians, through the networks. Always giving her wave, music and joy.The great singer showed off throughout the quarantine with different looks and doing different activities . Sending messages and making himself feel as close to his fans as ever.

Not for nothing he is one of the artists with the greatest trajectory and convocation in Argentina. The Mona Jimenez doesn't even stop in quarantine.That's why today it hasmore than 90 records recorded.For his creative spirit and his quartteer soul have no rest . There is not a minute without producing the music that makes us happy today and is going to cheer us up for life.

Big, Mona!

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Publication Date: 07/07/2020

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