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The best copulation of musicians and poets

God, every once in a while, he points to someone and says, “You're going to be a genius.”


Students: pull out a sheet and take note, because what I write next will self-destruct in five seconds. I will try to convey to them, and thus ignite their curiosity in search of accomplices, what I feel when I hear some tangos.

  “ Tango”  , for some “brazucas”, is the lament of gaucho corkold. For me, in some, the best copulation of musicians and  poets  that can be imagined; only comparable to some pages of rock and classical music.

Let me give you some examples: Lepera in " Return”  tells us “ the snows of time silvered my hundred  ” or “ I am afraid of the encounter with the past, which again faces my life  ”. In “ The Day You Love Me “, “ the  singing bird will sweeten his strings, life will flourish; pain will not exist .” In “ Downhill “, “ if I dragged through this world the shame of having been and the pain of no longer being ”... Do you understand what I'm aiming at? They're little masterpieces. Cadicamo pays homage to friendship in " Three Friends ”. Celedonio Flores, in "Mucho “, describes the well-off goofy who gets everything “ paying like a chabón .” He also tells us “ if you know the harmony, the sweet polychrome of the streets of the suburb ”. Arvezzi manages in " Old Copper  Clock   ” to make me see my old man, feel what he might have felt when he had a bad time with a family to support. He makes me see the image of him on a pawn bench. He puts us on the subject and shoots “ You were proud of my old man ” or “the rebenque of life has hit me incessantly” and continues to kill us with “four dirty pesos for that relic, revenge of the gloomy and traitor world”. And more naphtha to the fire with “I bit my hands hard, money burned me”...

Oh, my God. Did you understand what I meant to tell you? I just hold that God, once in a while, points to someone and tells them you're going to be a  genius  and you're going to transform feelings into words.

Publication Date: 01/07/2018

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